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President Andrzej Duda before leaving for the NATO summit in Vilnius

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Certainly, at least a few very important issues will be discussed there, all relevant from the point of view of our security, said President Andrzej Duda on his way to the NATO summit in Vilnius, which begins on Tuesday.

The summit will be held in Vilnius on Tuesday and Wednesday FOR THISwhere, among other things – as announced by the head of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg – the NATO-Ukraine Council will be established. President Andrzej Dudabefore leaving for Vilnius with the Polish delegation, he spoke with journalists.

“Now is the moment we’ve been waiting for, it’s safe to say, for months, for which we’ve been preparing for a long time. We are about to board our plane and fly to Vilnius to start the NATO Summit tomorrow, a very important second NATO Summit, in a time of ongoing war in Ukraine he announced.

Duda admitted that he “hopes that this will be a decision-making summit on many points.” – Certainly there will be discussed at least a few very important issues, all relevant from the point of view of our security – he said.

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– It is known that the threat is now clearly defined by NATO as a Russian threat, so if there is a threat, each NATO country has the task of indicating specific units that will then be relocated. In total, it is to be 300,000 soldiers who will supply the eastern flank in the event of an attack, he said.

Andrzej Duda before flying to VilniusTVN24

The president added that Poland will also “raise the issue of expanding fuel supply pipelines, NATO pipelines.” – They end today in the Federal Republic of Germany, they are the remains of what was built during the Cold War – he noted.

– They work there, they function, but we would like the Alliance to finally decide, after more than twenty years of our presence in the North Atlantic Alliance, that the countries in the Alliance will jointly finance their expansion so that they reach NATO’s eastern flank, so that if could also supply military needs with fuel, should it become necessary to defend the eastern flank – he said.

Duda: We want Ukraine to receive a bright light in the tunnel

He noted that “two very important, very fresh” topics will also be discussed. – Firstly, Ukraine’s accession to NATO, which has been discussed very passionately in recent months – he said. – We are an ardent advocate of Ukraine’s admission to the North Atlantic Alliance, although we perfectly understand the conditions that exist at the moment – he admitted.

– We want Ukraine to receive as many guarantees as possible, and above all, to receive a bright light in the tunnel, namely a clear prospect of joining NATO, so that it is not just a general saying: “yes, the door to NATO is open for Ukraine”, because In general, we are in favor of the open door policy and we hope that more countries will be able to join NATO, he said. “But Ukraine today needs a clear procedural signal to NATO that NATO is really starting to approach this, that it is not just a matter of open doors, but that it is a matter of an already ongoing procedure, the finale of which will be Ukraine’s admission to NATO,” he declared.

“Proposal is in the game”

He reminded that “so far there has been no decision to give Ukraine a formal invitation to join NATO, which Ukrainians would very much expect”. – But I hope that, as we have agreed so far, the NATO-Ukraine Council will be established in place of the committee that existed so far. It is a council that will give Ukraine much greater opportunities to act within NATO, including convening council meetings in the event of any threat, or if Ukraine simply deems it appropriate, he said.

– We also hope that the resolutions of this NATO summit will include a statement that foreign ministers will carry out the so-called tasking in November this year, i.e. a formal activity consisting in assessing Ukraine’s preparation for future accession to the North Atlantic Alliance – added the president. – This is an important activity, not as close to joining NATO as yet, but this is already the path to NATO, if such a decision were made, it would certainly be a very important decision for Ukraine – he explained.

– Such a proposal appeared from our side recently, it is still in the game at the moment. I hope it will be accepted,” he added.

Andrzej Duda before flying to VilniusLeszek Szymanski/PAP

“This is an obvious change in the security architecture in our part of Europe”

Commenting on Poland and the Baltic states, as well as Ukraine, Duda admitted that he hoped for a discussion on Belarus. – Strictly speaking, what we expect in Belarus in the near future and what, unfortunately, the president of Russia announced Vladimir Putinnamely the relocation of Russian tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus and the transfer of Wagner group mercenaries there.

– This is an obvious change in the security architecture in our part of Europe, a significant change. We want this to be discussed by NATO, also in the context of the review of NATO’s nuclear policy, which I hope will also be implemented at this NATO summit, he stressed.

Andrzej Duda before flying to VilniusLeszek Szymanski/PAP

Main photo source: Leszek Szymanski/PAP

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