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President Andrzej Duda in Davos: Two elements are needed to keep NATO and our part of Europe safe

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NATO’s potential in our part of Europe is necessary. We see how Russia behaves. NATO forces must be here, all commitments made at the Madrid summit must be fulfilled, stressed President Andrzej Duda.

During a briefing during the World Economic Forum in Davos, President Duda referred to war in Ukraine and security issues. – We say that two elements are needed to keep us safe FOR THIS and our part of Europe: deterrence and defence. Therefore, NATO’s potential in our part of Europe is necessary. Today everyone sees how Russia behaves. Russia is aggressive. NATO forces must be here, all commitments made at the NATO summit in Madrid must be fulfilled, said the president.

As he emphasized, Poland is meeting its obligations with a vengeance and indicated that it would probably spend 4 percent of its GDP on defence. – Soon we expect the delivery of the first HIMARS rocket artillery launchers together with the rockets. It’s costly, but it obviously enhances our security and others see it. Poland is perceived here as a leader of a serious approach to security, said the president.

– We, as Polish politicians, believe that it is our absolute duty to ensure a sense of security to our citizens and we are constantly implementing this process, calling on our allies for support in this regard, which is met with understanding. I hope that all this will also find its answer during the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius – he said.

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“I believe that the German side will also join this”

The president was again asked by journalists about his position German on the transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

He replied that “he approaches this matter very calmly and two elements should be separated from each other”, i.e. “the matter of Germany’s consent, as a manufacturer, to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine” and the matter of “Germany’s own donation to Ukraine when it comes to Leopard tanks.” . – That is, active participation in our initiative, which we submitted, we proposed at the request of the Ukrainian side, I must admit, to collect these tanks for Ukraine – he said.

– And here decisions are made in Germany, on this subject (…) there is also a discussion going on in Germany, politicians are expressing their views – the president pointed out. He concluded that “the process of creating this armored resource for Ukraine is underway.” – I believe that the German side will also join this – said Duda.

Duda: there are people who are ready to do business, not caring that blood is spilled

Duda also commented on the words of the head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Schallenberg, who – according to media reports – at a meeting with the head of the French Foreign Ministry, was to appeal, among others, to for easing European restrictions on Moscow and also criticized Poland for refusing to allow the boss to visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov for the December meeting of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Łódź.

– I am sorry to hear such voices, because – if we take into account that it is said by a European politician of a country that belongs to the European Union – for me it is undoubtedly breaking European unity – assessed the president.

He assured that Poland wanted to “build this European unity”. – We perfectly understand and know the situation of Ukraine. We support the Ukrainians because we know that they succumbed to the brutal and unjustified Russian aggression, he said. – As you can see, there are people who are ready to do business, not caring that blood is spilled. We believe that it is necessary to stop the bloodshed and stop those who are guilty of the tragedy of another nation, today that nation is the Ukrainian nation, he added.

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