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President Andrzej Duda: it seems that Vladimir Putin sees his chance in the tiredness of the West

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President Andrzej Duda gave an interview to the British TV station Sky News on Friday. He spoke about the importance of military support for Ukraine. – If we do not provide Ukraine with equipment, it will certainly not cope. If we deliver the equipment, there is a great chance that the Ukrainians will be able to defend themselves – he said.

President Andrzej Duda, talking about what Ukraine needs the most, he referred to what the president had told him Volodymyr Zelensky and enumerated anti-aircraft defense systems, modern tanks, and in the future also modern aircraft.

– Anything that will allow them to gain technological advantage over the Russian army is valuable at the moment. The Russian army has a huge numerical advantage. Ukraine, if it does not have a qualitative advantage, will not be able to oppose it, because there are simply fewer Ukrainians, said the president in an interview with Sky News during his visit to London, which ended on Friday.

Andrzej Duda on the “test for NATO”

The Polish president stressed that time was of the essence, as the expected new Russian offensive could start at any moment, and there are even rumors that it has already begun.

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– If we do not provide Ukraine with this equipment, it will certainly not cope. If we deliver this equipment, there is a great chance that the Ukrainians will be able to defend themselves. This is also a great test for NATO, whether NATO is able to oppose Russian imperialism, whether NATO is able to put a stop to injustice, to barbarism, to violations of international law. This is a great test for all of us – stressed Duda.

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President: I’m afraid that in a year’s time the war will still be going on

Asked – in connection with the upcoming anniversary of Russia’s attack on Ukraine – whether he expects the war to be over next year, he replied: – I’m afraid not. I’m really afraid not.

– I’m afraid not, because today, looking at this war, it seems so Vladimir Putin somewhere he sees his chance in the weariness of the West. In fatigue – for Western business, for Western societies, for NATO to be tired of the war, for people to want “business as usual” again, for them to want to earn money, for them to want to use Russia’s resources, and that they will simply stop helping Ukraine and wave at Ukraine hand. He’s counting on it. If we let that happen, we’re about to have another war, because Russia, I’m sure, will invade another country. I have no doubts about that,” Duda explained.

About an interview on UK Sky News the office of President she announced on Twitter.

During a two-day visit to Great Britain, Andrzej Duda met on Thursday in Downing Street with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, a was received at Buckingham Palace on Friday by the king Charles III.

Main photo source: David Taneck/PAP

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