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President Andrzej Duda on BBC: I do not believe that Russia will attack any NATO country

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President Andrzej Duda said in an interview with the British BBC News that he did not believe that Russia would decide to attack any NATO country. He also referred to the controversial words of US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Referring to recent reports from Ukraine – conquered by Russia Avdiivka, Ukrainian troops’ problems with ammunition and lack of new recruits – Andrzej Duda he recalled that when Ukraine was invaded two years ago, there was a belief that the country would fall, if not within hours, then within a few days.

– Two years have passed. Ukraine continues to defend itself, Ukraine persevered and stopped Russian aggression. There are very difficult moments on the front line. There are better moments, but there are also more difficult ones. For me, one thing is most important – we still have an independent, sovereign Ukraine, said the Polish president.

Asked – in reference to the president’s warning Lech Kaczyński from 2008, that after Georgia the time will come for Ukraine, and then maybe the Baltic countries and Poland – whether and when a Russian attack may occur, President Andrzej Duda expressed his belief that Russia will not decide to attack any country FOR THIS.

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– I do not believe that Russia will attack NATO countries, any NATO countries, that it will dare to open war with NATO, with the North Atlantic Alliance, if we look at article five on collective defense and if we take into account how much Russia has tried over the last two years conquer Ukraine and was unable to cope with the Ukrainian nation and its heroism, he said.

President Andrzej Duda conducted an interview with the British station BBC News Marek Borawski/KPRP

Duda on Trump’s words: a campaign is underway in the USA

Recalling that the issue of Ukraine’s membership was discussed at the NATO summit in Bucharest in 2008, the Polish president expressed his belief that if France and Germany did not block it and Ukraine would be admitted to the Alliance, there would be no current war because Russia would not dare to attack a NATO member country.

Asked about the words Donald Trumpa likely candidate this year elections presidential elections in the US, who de facto undermined Article 5, saying that as president he would not defend countries that do not allocate 2%. GDP for defense, Andrzej Duda pointed out that the US election campaign is underway, and in the campaign politicians often use harsher language than normal people. He also recalled that all member states had committed themselves to achieving this 2% threshold.

He also expressed hope that the American Congress, despite current political disputes, would decide to provide further assistance to Ukraine. – It should be borne in mind that no one has so far provided Ukraine with more help than United States. Without this help from the United States, I am not sure whether Ukraine would be able to defend itself to this day, President Duda noted.

Duda: sanctions bring huge losses to the Russian economy

The Polish president emphasized that the sanctions imposed on Russia are bringing results and must be continued and expanded.

– They are painful for the Russians. They cause huge losses to the Russian economy and relatively lower the standard of living. They are painful for Russian oligarchs. They severely limit the development possibilities of the Russian defense industry, he said.

– Of course they are celebrated. It’s always like that. Russia is trying to circumvent sanctions in many different ways. But sanctions are being implemented. And they must continue. The Russian financial market should be attacked. We need to hit the Russian banking sector, he added.

– That’s why I think Europe should move in this direction. It should implement more sanctions packages against Russia, argued Andrzej Duda. He also expressed the opinion that frozen Russian assets should be used to rebuild Ukraine.

President Duda drew attention to the need to rebuild the EU defense industry. – That is why we need joint production of ammunition within the European Union. Ammunition, which we are very short of. We need discussions, serious discussions about the joint reconstruction of the European defense industry, he said.

Main photo source: Marek Borawski/KPRP

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