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President of the Polish Development Fund: Marian Banaś is not telling the truth

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All these funds were created on the basis of specific laws adopted by the parliament. They were related to the fact that in 2020 the government announced the so-called anti-crisis shield. The whole society knew what its value was, there was appropriate information (…) that it would be worth about PLN 200 billion. Nothing was hidden, everything is in the financial statements of these funds – said Paweł Borys, president of the board of the Polish Development Fund, in the program “One for One” on TVN24, when asked about public money flowing outside the budget.

Paweł Borys said that “we are talking more about whether these should be expenses directly from the budget, or whether they should be expenses implemented by development institutions such as BGK or PFR”.

– The government decided that it should be in BGK or PFR, so that in the face of a pandemic, energy crisis, later war in Ukraine it was possible to quickly and flexibly counteract the effects of these events – said the president of PFR.

Agata Adamek noted that when these laws were passed, no one foresaw the situation that the budget deficit would officially amount to PLN 12 billion, and PLN 100 billion in real terms. She cited a negative assessment of the implementation of the budget by the Supreme Audit Office and a commentary Marian Banaśthe president of the Chamber, who said from the parliamentary rostrum about spending money by PFR that “outside all rules and rigors, in circumstances of high risk of discretion and corruption, these expenses are made outside the state budget”.

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Paweł Borys defends PFR

– The first piece of information is that Supreme Chamber of Control did not give a negative opinion on the implementation of the budget for the previous year. NIK may issue a positive, negative or descriptive assessment. They issued a descriptive opinion, positively evaluating the implementation of the budget itself, while negatively, in a more descriptive sense, it was stated that too much expenditure is in the earmarked funds, serviced by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. When it comes to the Polish Development Fund, President Marian Banaś is not telling the truth, said Borys.

– These are not true words, justified by the results of the inspection. We know the preliminary reports of the Supreme Audit Office, there is no such information and it is very easy to prove that Mr. Marian Banaś is not telling the truth, because the financial shield program that supported PFR was approved by the European Commission, the Polish Sejm adopted the legal basis there were regulations, there were resolutions of the council of ministers, so it’s hard to say that he was beyond all rigors – he added.

PFR may sue the president of NIK

Agata Adamek noted that when adopting these regulations, no one knew that “the money for COVID-19 and the fight against covid will go to sow breeders”, which was the case.

– I do not know if they went, at the moment I am referring to the Polish Development Fund. We had very strict rigors and rules on the basis of which we implemented a program that has so far protected over 3 million jobs and 350,000 companies. So it is not true, if we acted in a program approved by the European Commission, that we acted outside any rules or rigors – said Paweł Borys.

The President of the Polish Development Fund said that another equally important issue is the allegation of corruption by the President of the Supreme Chamber of Control, Marian Banaś.

– I do not know any information confirming that in the case of the implementation of the financial shield we could talk about any corruption, so we are currently analyzing these words in terms of the possibility of committing a crime by Mr. Marian Banaś. Defamation Offenses. If the legal analyzes confirm that there is a justified suspicion, we will file a report and I just hope that the president will not protect himself with immunity, but will be able to decide who is right in this case – said Paweł Borys.

The president of the PFR added that his words are not “reservations to the employees of the Supreme Audit Office or the auditors, President Marian Banaś provided false information.”

– Because I know these reports and in these post-inspection reports of PFR there are simply no such conclusions, no such information, no such reservations – said Borys.

Main photo source: TVN24

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