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Press Club Poland awards given out. Piotr Świerczek among the winners

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The winners of the Press Club Polska gala have been announced. Among them is TVN24 journalist Piotr Świerczek, who won the Jarosław Ziętara for investigative journalism.

During the evening press club awards gala, the winners of the Dariusz Fikus, Awards them. Jarosław Ziętara, the Economic Journalism Award and the Press Club Polska Special Award.

At the beginning of the gala, the Special Award of Dariusz Fikus for 2021, for the steadfast pursuit of the profession of a journalist in conditions requiring great personal courage, received Daria Chultsovaa journalist from Belsat TV, who in September 2022 she went free after serving a two-year sentence. Chultsova was detained along with Katyaryna Andreyeva in November 2020, while covering an anti-government protest in Minsk.

this year The prize Dariusz Fikus Paweł Reszka was honored for journalism of the highest quality for a series of publications Ukraine 2022 in the “Polityka” weekly.

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Also nominated in this category were Paweł Piotr Reszka (for the report “Zginiesz i nara” published in “Gazeta Wyborcza-Duży Format”) and Grzegorz Rzeczkowski (for the series of publications “The Eavesdropping Affair. Recordings sold to Russians” in the weekly “Newsweek”).

Piotr Świerczek is the winner in the category of investigative journalism

Recipient of the Prize of Jarosław Ziętara for investigative journalism left TVN24 journalist Piotr Świerczek (for the report “The power of lies” broadcast in the TVN24 program “Czarno na Białe” and available on TVN24 GO)

Other nominees in this category were: Mateusz Baczyński and Janusz Schwertner (for the material Lawyers and Gangsters. Who’s Afraid of ‘Iron Baśka’ published on the Onet.pl portal) and Michał Janczura (for the series of materials “Experyment”, published on the tokfm portal .pl and on TOK FM radio).

Świerczek: this is a special distinction

– For me, it is a special honor, considering what kind of award it is. Because it’s the first edition, I’m even more happy – said Świerczek, receiving the award.

– I would like to thank you very much on my own behalf, but above all on behalf of the editorial office, for the fact that the most important editorial offices, but also the smaller, brave, independent ones, decided to publish my material after National Broadcasting Council took action against us. From a private point of view, it is an extraordinary moment when one day your material appears in all media, I will remember it for the rest of my life. Regardless of the circumstances, because they were not pleasant – continued the laureate.

– But for me, it is above all a proof of courage and this journalistic solidarity, which has not been talked about lately, and I just experienced it and thank you again for it. To paraphrase the words of a well-known man, which were spoken on Krakowskie Przedmieście on April 16, about the pursuit of truth – yes, we journalists are certainly striving for the truth, in different ways. Unfortunately, politicians talk a lot about it, and most often they jump on this truth and trample it, said the TVN24 journalist.

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Press Club Special Award was awarded to “all professional information verifiers operating in Poland – for supporting journalists and their recipients in defense against disinformation”.

– Fact-checking, unmasking manipulation, disinformation and false content is an invaluable action for freedom of speech and the right to receive reliable information. The events of recent years, especially the pandemic and war in Ukraine showed very clearly how powerful disinformation is, used to create false messages – Wojciech Tumidalski, the chairman of the Council of Press Club Polska, justified the decision.

Winner of the Economic Journalism Award she stayed Regina Skibińska (for the series of publications “WIBOR – a controversial mechanism, beneficial for banks” on the Praw.pl portal).

Bianka Mikołajewska was also nominated in this category (for the material entitled “The Club of Millionaires ‘Good Change’. Astronomical earnings of people associated with PIS“, published on the Wirtualna Polska portal) and Mikołaj Podolski (for the material “Expelled. Poland does not care about users of ecological fuels”, published on the Onet.pl portal).

The special guest of the gala was Gleb Golovchenko, head of the Nikolayev Press Club and president of the Association of Ukrainian Press Clubs.

Main photo source: TVN24

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