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Prices in stores 2024. Increase in April year-on-year by 2.4 percent

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Daily purchases in stores in April this year increased by 2.4 percent compared to the same month a year earlier – according to the report titled “Retail Store Price Index”. According to experts, shopping would become more expensive if it were not for the price war between discount stores. According to the authors of the study, “prices have been rising less and less for several months.”

According to the report by UCE Research and WSB Merito Universities, the prices of food additives such as ketchups, mayonnaises, mustards and spices increased the most. which increased in price by 11.7%. rdr. The top five increases also included sweets and desserts – 10.6 percent, non-alcoholic drinks – 8.1 percent, household chemicals – 7.7 percent, and children's products – 5.5 percent.

The discount war stopped price increases

The authors of the report pointed out that the overall price increase was slightly higher than in March, which may be worrying because it is clear that the dynamics of price increases is starting to increase. They also emphasized that purchases would become more expensive if not price war between discount stores.

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Preliminary estimates by UCE Research analysts show that at the beginning of April, prices in stores were on average 3.5 percent higher. rdr. Exactly in the middle of the month, the increase was 3.2%. y/y, while the month ended with a value of 2.4%. rdr.

The price war between discount stores has somewhat restrained price increases.Shutterstock

– Although the analysis covers not only food products, the latest result clearly reflects the effect of eliminating zero VAT on food. However, the increase in prices of basic products is lower than the above-mentioned rate. tax. This is largely the result of a price war between discount stores, commented Anna Motylska-Kuźma from the University of Lower Silesia, DSW, quoted in the report. As Robert Orpych from the WSB Merito University noted, prices have been growing less and less for several months.

– The fact that in April they did not follow this trend does not mean that it will slow down. If this situation repeated itself in the next month, it would be possible to talk about a reversal of the trend. However, for now, we need to monitor the situation carefully, argues Orpych.

Will we encounter a “deferred price increase”?

Analysts from UCE Research warned that we will see “deferred prices” not only of goods with unfrozen VAT. According to them, this will be a good opportunity for stores to increase the prices of other goods at least a little. – Moreover, we still have a raise on the near horizon electricity prices and gas. They will certainly have a significant impact on the costs of everyday shopping, said an expert from the University of Lower Silesia, DSW.

The study compared nearly 66,000. retail prices from over 30.5 thousand stores belonging to 54 retail chains. The study covered all discount stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience and cash&carry chains on the market, reaching the majority of consumers in Poland with their offer.

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