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Prices in stores. Fats, food and dry products have become cheaper. Report by UCE Research and WSB Merito Universities

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Last year, prices of four out of 17 analyzed product categories dropped. Among other things, animal food and fats are cheaper – according to Thursday's price report. However, analysts predict a reversal of the favorable trend and a return to price increases.

“As the latest analysis of over 68.4 thousand retail prices shows, last month 4 out of 17 monitored categories decreased YoY. The list of discounts opens with fats, whose prices this time decreased by 10%. y/y” – according to the report “Price Index in Retail Stores” published on Thursday by UCE Research and WSB Merito Universities (formerly WSB University Schools of Banking).

The next cheaper goods include pet food, which decreased in price by 8.1% year-on-year, loose products, whose prices dropped by 3.6%, and vegetables (price drop by 3.3%).

“However, the analysis shows that the number of cheaper groups of goods is decreasing month by month. The authors of the report announce a further slowdown in the downward trend due to inflationary pressure. And they predict a return to price increases in some categories, including fatty products, dry goods and vegetables,” we read .

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Prices in stores will start to rise

As reported, the decreasing prices of fatty products contributed to the decline rapeseed prices, as well as last year's record harvest of oilseeds. Additionally, price declines were intensified by imports from Ukraine.

“We are currently observing a gradual depletion of last year's stocks. This phenomenon, combined with a potential decline in this year's harvest due to frosts, may soon lead to an increase in prices. It is therefore expected that in the near future art. fatty acids will start to become more expensive” – said Joanna Wieprow from the WSB Merito University, quoted in the report.

The latest version of the report compares the results from May 2024 and the same period in 2023. It concerned 17 categories and 100 everyday products most frequently chosen by consumers.

In total, over 68.4 thousand items were compared. retail prices from over 31.7 thousand stores belonging to 56 retail chains. The study covered all discount stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience and cash&carry chains that reach the majority of consumers in Poland with their offer.

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