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Prices of new cars. You can save up to 25 thousand zlotys

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The price for a new car does not have to be as high as the catalog price. As a result of good negotiations, you can lower the price, and the average discount is currently about 17 percent. About buying new cars in the material from the TVN Turbo “Raport” program.

It turns out that we can negotiate the price better and better. In May 2024, on average, people who were interested in buying a new car were able to negotiate a price that was even PLN 25,000 lower.

How much does it cost to buy a new car?

Why are these discounts so big, because not so long ago they didn't exist at all?

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– A year ago, for comparison, the average discount, i.e. the reduction that could be obtained in relation to the catalogue price, was only 8 percent. And 2-3 years ago there was such a crisis on the market that buyers actually had to fight for cars and there was no talk of any discounts. So today we are at an average level of 17.2 percent, which gives us a discount of around 25, even 30 thousand zlotys from an average car sold on the market. And this is really a very high level – emphasized Katarzyna Siwek from Carsmile.

She also added that “it is difficult to expect that discounts could be even greater, because that would mean that dealers would simply have to sell cars at a loss.”

Average discount on new carsTVN Turbo

Does this mean that prices will not decrease? Are there many cars waiting for new customers?

– We really do have full yards at the moment when it comes to cars. And this is also visible in the sales structure, that mainly those cars that are on the yards, that are ready, are sold, and there are few cases where the customer orders a car according to an individual configuration and waits for it, let's say, a few months. We can say that this upward trend, which meant that for the last few years we only heard that cars are getting more expensive, more expensive, more expensive, has been stopped in a way and today we see that there is a chance to buy a car cheaper than a year ago – Siwek explained.

Examples of cars that can be purchased for PLN 145,000TVN Turbo

When it comes to example cars that can be purchased for PLN 145,000, the material mentions the Audi A3 (gross list price is PLN 175,390), Volkswagen Passat (PLN 168,170), Cupra Formentor (PLN 164,375), Peugeot 408 (PLN 159,500), Toyota Corolla (PLN 150,290), Skoda Octavia (PLN 149,020) and KIA Sportage (PLN 148,800).

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