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Prices of Polish strawberries in 2023. It will be “slightly” more expensive than the previous one

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For now, the weather is conducive to strawberry cultivation, this year there should be more of them than last year. The average prices of dessert fruit will probably be slightly higher than last year – assessed the expert of the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics Tomasz Smoleński.

At the moment, dessert strawberries are purchased at a price of PLN 5-8 per kg, and on wholesale markets farmers offer these fruits at a price of PLN 5-13 per kilogram, Smoleński informed. He noted that such a large discrepancy is due to, inter alia, quality, variety, and also depends on the region of cultivation. In principle, there is no purchase of industrial strawberries, i.e. intended for processing, yet. Strawberries from field crops go there. Smoleński believes that this year’s purchase will probably not be large due to the fact that processing companies have to take into account the high costs of storing, for example, frozen foods. It is also difficult to predict what prices processing plants will offer.

The strawberry market in Poland is changing

The expert noted that the strawberry market is also changing. More and more dessert fruits are produced, and much less than a few years ago – for processing.

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The sale of fresh fruit gives growers higher income. A lot of strawberries come from high and low tunnels, which is why they appear on the market earlier and in “waves”. According to Smoleński, the main discharge of strawberries from under the foil is at the moment. On the other hand, the peak of field crops is expected at the turn of June and July. As he said, favorable weather and good overwintering of strawberries allows forecasting that there will be more of them than last year, when 180,000 were harvested. tone. However, the final harvest depends on the weather, heavy rainfall or cooling can be harmful.

Strawberries will be more expensive due to the increase in production costs

According to the expert, this year’s strawberries intended for consumption may be slightly more expensive than last year, because production costs have increased significantly. He noted that, according to producers, a satisfactory price for them would be PLN 10-15 per kg in detail, because it would ensure profitability of production. Smoleński reminded that last year the average price of strawberries was PLN 7.60 per kg, and in 2021 it was PLN 9.44 per kg. – Strawberries are in demand, they are the first fresh fruit of the year, consumers are eager to buy them – said the expert, pointing out that strawberries in our country are relatively cheap.

For comparison, in Germany, which is the largest importer of these fruits, at the end of last week Belgian strawberries were paid EUR 3.8/kg; for Greek 3.65 euro/kg; and for Polish – as much as 6.45 EUR/kg (last year – 3.30 EUR/kg). He added that, of course, these prices cannot be compared directly and perhaps if they were more expensive in Poland, there would be no demand for them.

The price of strawberries on the wholesale market

Maciej Kmera, an expert on the wholesale market in Bronisze, informed that the price of strawberries at the beginning of this week is at the level of PLN 6-10/kg and varies, among others, by on the given supply, on the size of the fruit, variety, whether they are sorted, etc.

– What will be the supply and what will be the price in the coming weeks is a fortune-telling, a lot depends on the weather – said Kmera. He noted that there are enough strawberries on the market and their price has been “balanced” for several days. Last year, at the beginning of June, strawberries in Bronisze cost 7-10 PLN/kg. Strawberry plantations in our country cover an area of ​​approx. 50,000 ha. ha, and their cultivation is mainly carried out on smaller family farms. Strawberries are grown mainly in the Mazowieckie, Lubelskie and Świętokrzyskie voivodeships.

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