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Prices of premium fruit. Rubyglow pineapple, Kotoka, Awayukis and Pearl White strawberries

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Eighteen Kotoka, Awayukis and Pearl White strawberries for PLN 3,000 or Rubyglow pineapples for USD 400 are the prices of luxury fruits that are becoming more and more popular – reports CNN. However, the record was achieved by the price of two Yubari King melons. The buyer paid nearly PLN 176,000 for them at auction.

According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), over the last 10 years there has been a significant increase in the consumption of premium fruit, including: strawberries, mango and avocado. At the same time, the consumption of cheaper and more popular fruits, such as apples and bananas, has not changed, CNN reports.

The most popular luxury fruits

CNN journalists report that the highest quality fruit goes primarily to exclusive restaurants, including those awarded with Michelin stars. However, over time, they may become available for general consumption – this was the case, among others, With Honeycrips apples, Cotton Candy grapes and Sumo Citrus, i.e. the so-called ugly oranges, which are a cross between navel oranges, pomelos and tangerines.

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Honeycrips applesShutterstock

It is a leader in the production of luxury food products Japan – including some of the most expensive strawberries in the world. A box containing 18 pieces of strawberries of three species – Kotoka reds, light pink Awayukis and milky white Pearl White – reached a price of $780 (PLN 3,000) on the Japanese market, Bloomberg reported. The price is related to the difficult cultivation of this fruit, which is very sensitive to the sun, pests and damage during transport. The fruit is sold in boxes, with each strawberry packed separately in paper and Styrofoam.

Kotoka, Awayukis and Pearl White StrawberriesEkky Ilham / Shutterstock.com

In turn, they appeared on the American market this season Rubyglow pineapples. Their price reached approximately $400 (over PLN 1,500). Despite inflation and the increase in food prices, fruits reaching astronomical prices are finding their customers – CNN reports. Work on growing a red pineapple lasted about 15 years. The first harvest took place in 2024 China. Due to the interest in this species of fruit in USA there are plans to move their cultivation to Costa Rica. The wholesaler selling Rubyglow writes on its website that it is a “rare gem.”

They are also achieving record prices melons grown by Japanese farmers – two pieces Yubari King species were auctioned in 2019 for PLN 45,000. dollars (over PLN 176,000). These melons grow on small plantations, where, properly cared for, the plant produces one fruit per season, not – as usual – eight or more fruits.

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