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Prices of vegetables and fruits. How much carrots, tomatoes, strawberries. Commentary by Maciej Kmery

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This is a dangerous moment for vegetable importers, because it is very easy to miscalculate the possibility of selling imported spring vegetables – said Maciej Kmera, an expert on the agricultural and food market. As he said, on the wholesale market in Bronisze, with the arrival of warming, domestic spring vegetables become cheaper, pushing imported vegetables out. He explained that there are more and more Polish strawberries that successfully compete with Greek ones.

The expert emphasized that before the long May weekend, there is a big revival on the market, very intensive purchases are made by wholesalers, among others from from tourist areas. – And there is a lot to buy, because there are more domestic spring vegetables, and their price is falling – he noted.

Vegetable prices. Cart more expensive by 25 percent

There are already Polish radishes, chard, young Chinese cabbage, parsley, chives, spinach, asparagus, cucumbers – Kmera enumerated.

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Currently, a bunch of chives on the market costs PLN 1, parsley – PLN 1, spinach PLN 7-8, rhubarb PLN 8, dill PLN 1.5, botwinka PLN 4, and a bunch of young beetroot costs PLN 4. The price of domestic young Chinese cabbage dropped significantly from PLN 5 to PLN 3/kg. In the opinion of Maciej Kmery, this is a “dangerous moment” for vegetable importers, because it is very easy to miscalculate the possibility of selling imported spring vegetables. This is the case, for example, in the case of cucumbers or radishes – very cheap domestic cucumbers effectively pushed out imported cucumbers (Dutch cucumbers are sold for as much as PLN 3/kg), and a sharp increase in the domestic supply of radishes for PLN 2/bunch – effectively eliminated imports from Italian (radishes are sold for PLN 1/bunch). Unfortunately, greenhouse tomatoes are still expensive – about PLN 16/kg, this is the result of delays in establishing plantations – he explained. He added that the producers of these vegetables forecast that major price drops should be expected only around mid-May. Paprika is still expensive, imports from are over Spainit is now imported from the Netherlands, it costs PLN 80 for 5 kg. – Spring is catching up (cold March and delayed establishment of plantations), a month ago (in April) a basket of domestic vegetables was 48 percent more expensive than a year earlier, now it is only 25 percent more expensive – emphasized the expert.

The record price of carrots

When it comes to other vegetables – carrots are more expensive, reaching the price of PLN 4 per kg. This is a record in Bronisz’s quotations. Onions are getting cheaper, but – as Kmera assessed – “sluggishly”. Imported early potatoes are quite expensive, e.g. Cypriot ones are currently sold at PLN 4/kg. According to Kmery’s calculations, in relation to the quotations and the end of April last year, carrots became more expensive – on average by 235 percent. from PLN 1/kg to PLN 3.35/kg; onions by 222 percent. from PLN 1.2 to PLN 3.8/kg; raspberry tomatoes – by 112 percent. from PLN 8 to PLN 17/kg. But cheaper than last year are (by about 40 percent): white cabbage (PLN 1.5/kg), Chinese cabbage (PLN 3.5/kg) and butter lettuce (PLN 2/bunch). The expert noticed that in the middle of this week there was a significant increase in the supply of domestic greenhouse strawberries, i.e. “pallet” quantities – the wholesale price even dropped from PLN 42 per kg to PLN 25 per kg. The retail price is slightly higher – PLN 30/kg. Market operators forecast that within 10 days the domestic strawberry will push out the imported from Greece, the more so that it is already more expensive; while recently it cost PLN 50 for 5 kg, now you have to pay PLN 80 for 5 kg. So there is no big difference in price between Greek and Polish strawberries. Strawberry growers from under shelter announce that if the warm weather continues, after a long weekend, you can expect a flood of Polish strawberries. Apples are still on offer, but – as the expert pointed out – their producers are a little afraid that when the supply of strawberries increases, the demand for apples will decrease. There is also a lot of imported blueberries, which can already be bought at PLN 30/g. The sale of southern fruits is ending. According to Kmery’s data, domestic fruit in the last week of April is 38 percent higher than in the last week of April. more expensive than a year ago; strawberries – by 40 percent. (PLN 20 to PLN 28/kg). Meanwhile, imported fruit increased by 14% during the year, with mandarin being the most expensive. White grapes are cheaper than last year.

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