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Pride Month. LGBTQ+ pride month – what does it mean for them?

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June is pride month for LGBTQ+ people. There are marches, more talk about equality and acceptance. And although there is still much to be done in the world of LGBT people, in the Polish reality more and more people are in favor of equal rights for all, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

For Aleksandra and Karolina. For Patricia and Alice. For Kacper and his fiancée Dominika. And many other people in the world – June is a special month.

– In this one month we are more noticed – says Patrycja Kisielewska. – For me, it’s a little prolonged Children’s Day – admits activist Kacper Potępski from the Federation Signs of Equality.

– Since the arrival of children in our lives, we began to approach June, the month of pride, differently, we began to celebrate it. Because this is our month – Karolina adds.

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It’s Pride Month – pride month. It is filled with equality marches around the world. During these 30 days, the equality and acceptance that everyone deserves is emphasized. But the reality is completely different.

Equality March in GdańskPAP/Adam Warżawa

– Until I left as Kacper, I lived in constant minority stress, in constant exclusion – says Kacper Potępski. – A lot of people say that we want privileges. They would be privileges if we didn’t pay taxes like the Church, and we want equality, stresses Patrycja Kisielewska.

Patrycja, as she says herself, creates a rainbow family with Alicja. They bring up three children. Karolina and Ola – two. Four-year-old Olek and one-and-a-half-year-old Jagienka. – Polish society is ready for rainbow families, we feel fully accepted – says Ola.

Changes in support for same-sex marriage

According to the latest international poll IPSOS, 32 percent of Poles are in favor of same-sex couples being able to marry. Ten years ago, 21 percent of respondents thought so. But in a broader sense, Poland is at the end of the list.

Changes in support for same-sex marriage TVN24

– Poles have seen that despite this campaign on the part of the right, Poles do not buy this homophobia – says Krzysztof Śmiszek, deputy chairman of the parliamentary club of the Left. – This awareness and acceptance of Poles has significantly increased. It’s time for politicians – Karolina adds.

Because politicians decide what rights people have LGBT. In Poland, same-sex couples cannot formally enter into a relationship. And this means that partners cannot inherit from each other, jointly settle accounts or decide on the treatment of an unconscious partner.

– Last year I got married to my partner Mateusz in Berlin. And we always laugh through tears when we go to Berlin and cross the Oder that we are now married. And just like that, when we return to Poland, we are strangers to each other – said Miłosz Przepiórkowski from the Lambda Warszawa Association.

And this is probably not the only such case. The life of LGBT people in Poland is shown in the documentary series “We are a family”, supported by, among others, the Love Does Not Exclude Association. – This title is not about blood family, it is about what we often call family by choice – says Hubert Sobecki, a member of the association.

Equality March in Krakow 2023PAP/Art Service

The first episode is the story of Kazimierz, a 58-year-old gay man living in the countryside. We see his attempts to find himself in the community of the Church. In total, the series has six episodes. When asked how important this initiative is, Sobecki states that “we are approaching the election campaign.” – We are approaching the moment when 100% will be a repeat of the witch-hunt – he assesses.

Warsaw Queer Week

Therefore, in the case of such fears, actions such as the Warsaw queer week, which has just started, are even more needed. – We want to show that we are, that we have a lot to say, that we are more than just a rainbow flag – says Katarzyna Wiśniewska from Unipride.

Meetings, discussions, workshops and concerts. And all this with the support of, among others, the embassy France, Norway and the United States. – This flag has a powerful message. America stands for equality, emphasizes James Wolfe from the embassy USA in Poland.

The Warsaw queer week will last until June 17.

Main photo source: PAP/Adam Warżawa

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