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Prime Minister Donald Tusk about the round table for students. “Are you willing to give me your details?”

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– I will tell Minister Barbara Nowacka to consider such a round table for secondary school students – said Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Białystok, responding to the appeal of Paweł, a high school student. The head of government invited the teenager to participate in this event. The issue of mental health of children and adolescents was also discussed during the meeting.

The Prime Minister met with the residents of Białystok on Friday. Paweł, a student of one of Białystok's high schools, came forward with the proposal to the head of government.

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– Secondary school students are students aged 15-18 and, in my opinion, they could, not on their own, but as part of some social consultations, suggest what they lack at school, even the most trivial things, such as financing textbooks for secondary schools. In any case, these are ideas that could be presented in the form of social consultations of the ministry with real students – said a participant in the meeting with the Prime Minister.

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– Okay, I'll tell the minister Barbara Nowackato consider such a round table of students from secondary schools, and to make a register of what, from your point of view, is actually the most troublesome or the biggest deficit – replied the Prime Minister.

Donald Tusk in BiałystokPAP/Artur Reszko

– I believe that the best ideas come from the heads of those who suffer from bad regulations, not from the heads of those who benefit from certain regulations. So okay, we've got an appointment. I won't be able to make it next week, it's short because it's Corpus Christi, but after Children's Day I'll sit down with the minister. You are now the author of the pilot, will you provide your data? – Tusk asked.

– This way you will definitely get a day off from classes, because you will be conducting this meeting in Warsaw together with the minister, right? Yes? Are you signing up? Okay, added Tusk, reacting to the student's nodding gestures.

Tusk on child psychiatry: this is one of the absolutely most important problems

The Prime Minister was asked by another secondary school student about the issue of mental health of children and young people. In this context, the teenager presented details of the report “Young Heads. Opening up about mental health”.

Report “Young Heads. Opening up about mental health”

– I would love for those who say: “what is this talk about children's depression and suicide attempts, it's just fashionable” to be right? There are politicians who believe that this is a made-up problem, Tusk said.

– I reached for the most terrifying statistics so that there would be no doubt whether it was fashion and the whims of young people. I asked for some aggregate information from several hospitals and the information there was even more depressing. The director of one of the hospitals in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship told me that not a week goes by without a child under 12 years old being admitted to the hospital after a suicide attempt. So these are no longer inventions, these are people who attempted suicide and were therefore in a serious condition in hospital – said the Prime Minister.

– And I know that this is a really common phenomenon – he added.

Tusk: This is really one of the absolutely most important problems. Unfortunately, it will require a long-term investmenttvn24

The Prime Minister said that “those who want to deny this problem are certainly to blame.” – Of course, we will not perform miracles such that the number of psychologists or psychiatrists will double from one month to the next. When it comes to National Health Fund and the Ministry of Health, they have very clear guidelines and they know that they have to work on radically investing in psychiatry, especially child psychiatry – he said.

– This is really one of the absolutely most important issues and we really remember about it. Unfortunately, this will require many years of investment, especially when it comes to staff, added the Prime Minister.

If you are experiencing emotional problems and would like advice or support, you will find the list here organizations offering professional help – both for children and adults.

Main photo source: mat. organizer, TVN24

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