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Prime Minister Donald Tusk: I am the Prime Minister, so of course. About KPO funds in an online spot

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I am the Prime Minister, so it is obvious that we finally have the 600 billion from the EU – this is how Donald Tusk summed up the decision to unblock European funds for Poland on Friday evening. The spot in which the head of government appeared referred to a popular Internet trend.

European Commission On Thursday, it formally unlocked, after almost three years, EUR 137 billion for Poland in the National Housing Plan and cohesion policy funds. On Friday, the Prime Minister Donald Tusk commented on this decision in a spot posted on his official profile on TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk took part in the Internet trend “I am…, so it’s obvious that…”. The material was titled “I am the Prime Minister, so it’s obvious that…”.

Things that are obvious to Prime Minister Tusk

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Among the obvious things about being the head of government, Tusk mentions the lack of time for his family, the view from the window of his residence of the ducks in Warsaw’s Łazienki Park, and the protection of an SOP officer while jogging. We hear, among other things: “I am the Prime Minister, so it is obvious that when I run a tenner, Mr. Tomek from SOP also runs a tenner.” – But I’m the only one out of breath – adds Tusk.

The material concludes with the statement: – I am the Prime Minister, so it is obvious that we finally have the 600 billion from the EU.

Unlocking funds from the KPO

The funds blocked for Poland so far include not only EUR 60 billion from the KPO, but also EUR 76 billion of funds from the cohesion policy, i.e. a total of approximately PLN 600 billion. On Thursday, the European Commission issued a preliminary positive assessment of Poland’s first application for payments from the Reconstruction Fund.

The Commission found that Poland had met the so-called milestones, including regarding the independence of the judicial system, which allows funds to be disbursed as part of the first payment request. In the next step, the decision to transfer funds to Poland will have to be accepted by the member states within the Council.

Main photo source: Donald Tusk/facebook

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