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Prime Minister Donald Tusk on the pursuit of Russian influence in Poland: we have nine suspects

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– The most important thing is to fully regain control over what is happening on the territory of the Polish state – said Prime Minister Donald Tusk in “Fakty po Faktach” when asked about information about sabotage and provocations in Poland. He informed that we have “nine suspects arrested and charged with engaging directly in acts of sabotage in Poland on behalf of the Russian services.” In the context of investigating Russian influence, he mentioned the name of the former head of the Ministry of National Defense. – The loop of information we collect is tightening around Antoni Macierewicz – he said.

Donald Tusk was asked in “Fakty po Faktach” about his announcement that this week he would provide information about sabotage, subversion and provocation. – The most important thing is to fully regain control over what is happening on the territory of the Polish state – said the Prime Minister. – We're taking back that control. There was no such control, he added.

He pointed out that the point was, among other things, to investigate the influence of “Russian agents”, or the Kremlin in general, “on what is happening in Poland, also at various levels of government and administration.” He estimated that this would require a commission, which he had already announced.

When asked when the order establishing this commission would be announced, he replied that it would be on Tuesday. – Tomorrow at the government meeting I will inform about the details, and then I will inform the media. And an appropriate regulation will be issued, also regarding its composition, he added.

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When will the order establishing the commission to investigate Russian and Belarusian influence be announced? Tusk: tomorrowTVN24

Tusk: the matter is very serious

– As for acts of sabotage and sabotage, the matter is very serious. Applies to several European countries. At the moment, definitely Lithuania, Latvia, Polish – he continued. – That Sweden There are also signals that they fear that some of the strange events may also be the result of sabotage, he added.

He also talked about specifics: – We currently have nine suspects arrested and charged with being directly involved in acts of sabotage in Poland at the request of the Russian services.

– This applies to beatings, arson, attempted arson – he clarified. – We're talking about hired people here. Sometimes they are people from the criminal world. And this applies to both Ukrainian, Belarusian and Polish citizens, he noted.

Tusk: we have arrested nine suspects who engaged in acts of sabotage in Poland

Tusk: we have arrested nine suspects who engaged in acts of sabotage in PolandTVN24

The head of government pointed out that “behind the attempts that we identified – because our services work very intensively in consultation with the allies – there was a quite famous case in Wrocław, where an attempt to set fire to a paint production plant was thwarted, there was a chemical plant nearby.” – And it was ordered by the Russian services, which has already been stated beyond any doubt – said Tusk.

He also noted that “we are dealing with acts of sabotage in Lithuania, the burning of the Ikea warehouse.” – The same people who were detained there may also be related to sabotage attempts, mainly arson, also in Poland – he said.

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When asked what situations he was talking about, he replied that he “will not reveal details about what places we are talking about.” – If there is such an opportunity or need, we will talk about it publicly. But for now, not only an investigation is underway, but also a large-scale action to eliminate this type of threats. This also means arresting any other potential perpetrators, he said.

– I want to make this matter very clear. Firstly, the state is acting on this issue in consultation with our neighbors and allies. And I am really satisfied with the effectiveness of our services at the moment, he said. – Secondly, the threat of this type of actions, as I said, is real not only in Poland – he added.

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Tusk: these are at least a few people whose actions were political sabotage

As the Prime Minister said, the second element regarding the investigation of cases of sabotage and sabotage is the “political” one. – I often hear such opinions or anxiety that “Prime Minister Tusk now wants to take revenge on PiS.” The commission, which is to investigate possible Russian influence on Polish politics in recent years, does not aim at any confrontation with the opposition. I am not at all interested in the party colors and possible personnel arrangements. We want to eliminate the threat that is here and now, today and tomorrow, he assured.

When asked if he knew the scale of Russian infiltration in the ranks of PiS, he replied: – You know this scale (he turned to the presenter – editor), you all know this scale, only in a way that is completely understandable to me, although difficult to accept, for years we repress this awareness.

When asked who exactly he had in mind, he replied: – Do you want the entire register of names of people who appeared in Polish politics, whose patron was either Antoni Macierewicz or the minister (Michał) Dworczykor the PiS ruling class in general, which ransacked Poland with absolute impunity?

– As for Mr. Antoni Macierewicz, let's take, for example, people who, under the supervision and initiative of Mr. Macierewicz, verified the Polish military services. Mr. (Leszek – ed.) Sykulski, a well-known propagator of Putin's policy in Poland, does not hide it, he is the author of public speeches against Ukraine and for Russia, Mr. Colonel (Krzysztof – ed.) Gaj, promoted by Antoni Macierewicz – Tusk continued.

– I want to say clearly that we are dealing with at least a dozen very serious cases. Dworczyk's e-mails, the presence of Mr. Gaj both in matters related to ambiguities with Macierewicz and in the e-mail scandal with Mr. Dworczyk. The problem is that these are at least a few people whose actions were clearly of the nature of such political sabotage. That's what the services are for, to eliminate these people from public life. But the problem is that they were very carefully taken care of politically by front-line politicians. And that is why this matter must be clarified, Tusk continued.

Tusk: the loop of information we collect is tightening around Antoni Macierewicz

Tusk also talked about the actions to be taken by the commission investigating Russian influence. – I do not and will not propose that the commission issue a verdict and eliminate Mr. Kaczyński or Mr. Macierewicz from public life – he emphasized.

The head of government was also asked whether, in his opinion, the president of PiS Jaroslaw Kaczynski also in a sense, consciously or not, acts under Russia's influence. – The number of events in the last dozen or so years and the consistent avoidance and blocking of legal and organizational consequences add up to a disturbing whole – he replied.

As he continued, “there were people operating around Mr. Macierewicz who actually disarmed the Polish army in a sense, who attacked the Polish military and intelligence services.” He added that “the loop of information we collect is tightening around Antoni Macierewicz.”

Tusk also mentioned the former judge Tomasz Szmydt, who asked for asylum in Belarus. – This was a man hired by Mr. Ziobro, hired by PiS to dismantle the Polish judicial system. Such people hit the most critical points, he said.

Tusk: the loop of information we collect is tightening around Antoni Macierewicz

Tusk: people who disarmed the Polish army operated in the Macierewicz areaTVN24

Tusk: you want peace, get ready for elections

Tusk also commented, among others, to the former prime minister's statement Mateusz Morawiecki for the Hungarian weekly “Mandiner”. The interview was titled “Brussels is a threat to European democracy.” According to Morawiecki, the European Commission's blocking of EU funds was an attempt to “influence the outcome of democratic elections in a sovereign member state”, which is “a serious threat to democracy and the entire European project.”

The head of government stated that such statements are “well coordinated with the promotion and cooperation with anti-European and pro-Russian political forces.” – I don't know why Morawiecki continues to stubbornly build this Eurosceptic and increasingly clearly pro-Russian front in Europe. This is inexcusable, unacceptable, Tusk said. He emphasized that today's goal Vladimir Putin there is not only destabilization in European countries, e.g. through sabotage actions, but also a political war about European parliament. – I will paraphrase: “If you want peace, get ready for elections”, because a very important element of Poland's security is maintaining European unity – he said, emphasizing that currently this unity, in a situation war in Ukraineis at quite an impressive level.

Tusk warned that “if the elections to the European Parliament are won by those for whom Brussels, Paris and Berlin are a problem, it could be a political disaster.”

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Main photo source: TVN24

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