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Prime Minister: If Ukraine is conquered, Taiwan will be next

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met on Thursday in Washington with representatives of the American think tank Atlantic Council. – You cannot protect Ukraine today and tomorrow by saying that Taiwan is not our business. We must support Ukraine if we want Taiwan to remain independent. If Ukraine is conquered, China may attack the next day, he said during his speech.

The head of the Polish government, Mateusz Morawiecki, has been visiting the United States since Tuesday. On Thursday, he met with representatives of the American think tank Atlantic Council. He talked about the relationship between Ukraine and Taiwan. – You cannot protect Ukraine today and tomorrow by saying that Taiwan it’s none of our business. We must support Ukraine if we want Taiwan to remain independent. If Ukraine is conquered, the next day China may attack Taiwan. I see a very big connection here, a lot of dependence between the situation in Ukraine and the situation in Taiwan and China – he said during his speech.

– If we lose Ukraine, we will lose peace for decades. Failure in Ukraine could be the beginning of the end of the golden age of the West. Ukraine’s victory is a guarantee not only of reconstruction, but also of strengthening our economic power, said the Prime Minister.

Mateusz MorawieckiTwitter @PremierRP

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Prime Minister Morawiecki noted that “what Putin calls the ‘collective West’ all wants Ukraine to win, but not necessarily to the same extent.” He also emphasized that “Poland knows Russia all too well.” As he said, Russia’s goal is “above all to destroy Ukraine, (…) so that Ukraine cannot be a base, to strengthen the West.” “And this desire is most likely shared by communist China,” he added.

The prime minister quoted Xi Jinping’s words spoken during the meeting with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. – I will quote – he said in the Kremlin, to the Kremlin and to all of us – that “now is a unique chance to change the global order created a hundred years ago,” said the head of the Polish government.

Prime Minister: our neighbors in the West made the mistake of close energy cooperation with Russia

Mateusz Morawiecki pointed out that for the Kremlin this is not a war between Russia and Ukraine, but a war between Russia and the West. – In this context, Poland wants to become the foundation of European security, because we have common security interests – he stressed. – Do all European countries have the same approach to this great challenge? No, he pointed out.

– Our neighbors in the West were the first to make this great mistake of close energy cooperation with Russia, and now their position, position towards Ukraine is not the same as the position of the United States or Poland – he continued. As he said, there are politicians in Western Europe who “want to bring about a quick ceasefire in Ukraine at practically any cost.”

– Some European leaders also went to Beijing. They look short-sightedly towards China, wanting to sell products to China, bearing great geopolitical costs, increasing our dependence on China instead of reducing it, not understanding the concept of strategic autonomy, which in this case would actually mean shooting yourself in the knee, Morawiecki said. – European autonomy sounds great, doesn’t it? But it means shifting Europe’s center of gravity towards China and severing the ties between us and the United States, he stressed.

Prime Minister: today Europe needs Polish-American cooperation like never before

The Prime Minister assessed that Poland is one of the few countries that are equally pro-American and pro-European.

– We are the ideal keystone of European-American relations. When I talk about us – Poland and so on – I really mean primarily my political camp. (…) Our opposition is mainly attached to Germany and France. We also want to cooperate with these countries, they are serious partners for us, the head of the government noted.

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He emphasized that America “is Poland’s indispensable partner, but Poland is also an indispensable link in Washington’s transatlantic policy”, “because today Europe needs Polish-American cooperation like never before.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Polish government was increasing defense spending, thanks to which it was among the leaders of NATO countries in terms of funds for the army. – In this way, we build the credibility of the Alliance, increase security and mutual allied guarantees – emphasized Morawiecki.

Prime Minister: We need a new Marshall Plan for Ukraine and the entire region

The Prime Minister emphasized that Poland lies on the border of two civilizations that constantly clash. – However, this clash of civilizations has not broken us, on the contrary, it has made us more resilient. Poland has not only built a strong economy, but is becoming the leader of a whole group of aspiring countries in our region. We want to restore peace, regain stable growth, but Ukraine’s military victory alone is not enough, said the head of the Polish government.

In his opinion, “we need a new Marshall Plan for Ukraine and the entire region.” “Today, Poland is the key to rebuilding Euro-Atlantic relations, order between the EU and the United States, and relations between the EU and the United States,” Morawiecki said.

According to the Prime Minister, “by repeating the mistakes of the past, we will not build a peaceful future. Poland has been living in the shadow of Russia for centuries, and we can clearly see that imperialism, colonialism and nationalism are not only passing features of the Russian soul. It is at the center of Moscow’s soul. Therefore, we must limit these tendencies. “Russia. We know that Ukraine is not Russia’s ultimate goal. Putin made it clear. If Russia wins in Ukraine, we will be next. If we are next, we will be prepared,” the prime minister said

He stressed that the key to the security of the free world is NATO. “Together we are so strong that we may never have to fight.”

Prime Minister: In the future, we would like to give up fossil fuels altogether

Prime Minister Morawiecki also took part in a conversation with the American think tank Atlantic Council on geopolitical changes in Europe and the Polish perspective in this regard. During the conversation, he emphasized the importance of Polish-American relations in the area of ​​energy transformation in Poland.

Mateusz MorawieckiKrystian Maj/KPRM

– The process of a very deep modernization of our energy system is underway. We need a stable and clean source of energy here. So we decided to cooperate very closely with two great American companies: Westinghouse – this is cooperation in the construction of a large nuclear power plant and Hitachi – in the construction of small nuclear reactors. I am glad that they are moving forward, said Morawiecki.

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As he emphasized, the development of nuclear technologies is “critical” for the reconstruction of the Polish energy system, after independence from fossil fuels from Russia. – In the future, we would like to give up fossil fuels altogether – added the Prime Minister.

Morawiecki pointed out that cooperation between Poland and the US is also crucial for digital transformation. – We cooperate very closely in the field of IT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, with companies such as Microsoft, Google or Facebook, or other powers of digital transformation – I am very happy about that – said the head of the Polish government.

The Prime Minister was also asked about the development of the Three Seas Initiative. As he assessed, it is a “difficult and painful process”, but – he noted – “building a new family of countries is never easy”. “But we’re doing it, and we’re getting better and better,” he said. Morawiecki emphasized that “the construction of connections between the north and the south is a new infrastructural dimension in Europe, much needed on NATO’s eastern flank and in the eastern part of the European Union.” He also assessed that in the context of cooperation in the Three Seas Initiative, the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war will be extremely important.

Prime Minister: Therefore, we should not count on a great, revolutionary change in Russia

Morawiecki emphasized that determination is key, including, above all, the determination of the allies to support Ukraine on a permanent basis. – Poland and the US are determined to support Ukraine, but we need all allies, their help and full commitment – said the Prime Minister. He pointed out that both Poland and the US provide Ukraine with, among others, tanks or armored vehicles.

‘Kiev wants to obtain as much armament as possible to prepare for its offensive – this will be crucial in the next phase of the war,’ stressed the Prime Minister. As he assessed, the most important thing for Ukraine’s success is the determined support of the allies.

– I think this is one of the most important issues – I have serious concerns that public opinion in Western Europe, perhaps also in the US, is getting tired. I see this fatigue everywhere, in Western Europe in particular, Morawiecki noted.

He stressed that the situation is different in Russia, where public opinion supports Putin and his actions “just as German public opinion supported Hitler’s actions in the 1930s.” – So we should not count on a big, revolutionary change in Russia, while Putin is counting on such a change in the west. Here are my serious concerns, Morawiecki pointed out

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The Prime Minister assessed that Ukraine “proved that it belongs to the free world, wants to defend our values: freedom, sovereignty, solidarity.” He stated that Ukraine should be provided with a simple path to join NATO, which would take into account security guarantees. – The Vilnius NATO Summit is the best place to do that. I hope it will happen, although it will not be easy said the head of the Polish government.

Main photo source: Twitter @PremierRP

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