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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: a service will be created that will deal with counteracting cyber attacks

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced the creation of a service that will deal only with counteracting cyber threats. At a press conference, he said that cybercrime is a plague of the 21st century that threatens not only state institutions, but also citizens. He also announced his intention to establish a “cybersecurity fund” to finance the fight against cybercrime.

At the Tuesday press conference, Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized that criminals were also following the development of various technologies. – Today we can see that the old threats are accompanied by new threats from this world which is more and more dominant in our lives – said the prime minister.

– Not a day goes by without us hearing about some attacks directed from different places in the world, very often inspired by Russia or other countries from the East. Cybercrime is a plague of the 21st century, a plague that threatens state institutions, but also a plague that threatens citizens, companies and entrepreneurs in everyday life – said Morawiecki.


– Therefore, in order to counteract these frauds, thefts, manipulations, various types of attacks and cyber threats, we create a service that will be specially dedicated to deal with only these problems – apart from the departments already existing today, places in civil services and special services that had keep this in mind, announced the Prime Minister.

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Morawiecki on the fund to fight cybercrime

The head of government, referring to “spreading ceber-attacks”, stated that “the time has come to establish a service that will respond to these attacks”.

– There is an arms race between the police and cybercriminals. Whoever will come to new methods faster, whoever masters them will gain an advantage – said the Prime Minister. That is why – as he explained – the government wants the police to have “appropriate instruments, the best solutions and, above all, competences” to fight cybercrime. – What is in the minds of our IT specialists, our specialists in this field, we want to accumulate in one place in order to best respond to these threats – he added.

He informed that for this purpose a “cybersecurity fund” will be established, which will finance the fight against cybercrime. The Prime Minister assured that the Internet “can still be a promise of a better world” that “brings people closer together”. “But there is one condition – we must drive the criminals out of him,” he said.

Main photo source: Ministry of Interior and Administration

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