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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met in Moldova with leaders sympathetic to Putin

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Russian influence, which has been inflaming the passion of Law and Justice politicians for some time, does not prevent the Polish prime minister from meeting Vladimir Putin’s true friends. Maciej Warsiński checked where, with whom and when Mateusz Morawiecki met. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki Lately everything is associated with “Russian propaganda”. Law and Justice hand in hand with the president, he invented a campaign spin that throws all critics, or even those asking about the actions of power, into one bag in the thought – who is not with us, is with the Kremlin.

The thought of a committee whose shape or sense, after the events of the previous Friday, Monday and this Friday, no one can imagine anymore, and whose party members were supposed to arbitrarily eliminate competitors from public life, was supposed to breathe wind into PiS’s sails, and sand to the opposition in eyes.

Morawiecki in photos with Putin supporters

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One could believe in the anti-Russian attitude of the Polish ruling party, if not for the summit in Moldovafrom which the photo published by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban officially comes out, in which he poses with Serbian President Aleksander Vucic and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki – the photo is embellished with the caption that they are among friends.

– They have such colleagues and political idols and such alliances that contradict what they did right and well a moment ago – says the leader of Poland 2050 Simon Holownia.

However, in the current geopolitical situation, friendly relations with Orban are a problem. Orban makes no secret of his fascination with Putin. When Europe was already informed that Russia would invade Ukraine, Orban ostentatiously visited the Kremlin.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban poses with Serbian President Aleksander Vucic and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki Twitter/PM_ViktorOrban

Orban builds a nuclear power plant with Russia, buys gas and oil from Russia, and on Friday gave an interview to Kossuth Radio, in which he stated that “for a country whose population is a fraction of the population of the opposing country, conducting large-scale military attacks is a bloody slaughterhouse.” – We must do everything, even before the offensive, to convince the parties of the need for a ceasefire – he adds.

Somewhere along the way, when the NATO secretary general assured Ukraine of its place in NATO, Orban expressed theatrical surprise. – This shows where the interests of Law and Justice are. Where are the politicians, and where are the politicians? On the side of the Kremlin, emphasizes Miłosz Motyka from the Polish People’s Party.

Controversial Orlen transaction

This, however, did not prevent the PiS authorities from allowing the big deal of Orlen and the sale of the Polish Lotos stations to the Hungarian concern MOL. In return, Orlen bought stations in Hungary – officially from Hungary, but the TVN24 journalist found out that it was only an intermediary, because Orlen actually bought the stations of the Russian Lukoil. Although president Obajtek denied it. “It has nothing to do with them,” he said.

When it turned out that there was a trace, Orlen was still going in denial. Internet users pointed out that by entering the Łukoil address on the Internet in the Hungarian domain, the website automatically turns into the Hungarian website of Orlen.

In the photo shown by Orban, there is also the president of Serbia – a country that is Russia’s Balkan ally. The network is full of his photos with Putin – handshakes, embraces, full of submissive passion for the Russian dictator of opinion.

Le Pen’s party is a “conveyor belt” of Russian power

PiS and presidential admiration for the idea of ​​seeking Russian influence have nothing to do with it. In addition, the president on Monday, justifying the decision, which he changes after 4 days, said: “there is such a commission in France.” – She has already interrogated former Prime Minister Fillon, interrogated Mrs. Marie Le Pen – he enumerated.

And over the Seine, the commission has just developed a position regarding the party of Marine LePen. According to the conclusions of the commission of inquiry into foreign interference, the National Front, which became the National Assembly, is accused of being a “conveyor belt” for Russian power.

Summit of right-wing leaders in Warsaw. Kaczynski, Le Pen, Orban, AbascalPIS

– A society from the same political family with which PiS identifies itself and belongs in Europe – notes the former Polish ambassador to Russia, Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz. – Unfortunately, it is a political family that has close contacts with Russia today, the closest in Europe – he adds.

Marine LePen she was supported by PiS in the elections, she came to Poland during the campaign, she was escorted by the State Protection Service. With her, PiS wanted to build a front that was supposed to change the European Union. Orban was also physically present at the meeting in Warsaw, but it is the spiritual presence of someone else that is most disturbing here.

Main photo source: Twitter/PM_ViktorOrban

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