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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: try to insulate houses before this heating season

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki made an appeal for Poles to insulate houses before the current heating season. At the same time, he encouraged the thermal modernization of houses and the replacement of heat sources as part of the “Clean Air” program and argued that ecological equals economic.

– We allocate further billions of zlotys to the program of insulating our homes, insulating buildings and rooms – in order to reduce bills. Another tens of thousands of homes will be able to take advantage of this program, stated the head of government.

– All these programs are at your disposal; we simplify them so that we can pass the difficult season ahead of us a little more gently – said Morawiecki, arguing that insulating the house and increasing its energy efficiency means lower bills for heat by up to 50-70 percent, which is particularly important in view of the current energy market situation.

“Energy prices are going crazy”

– Today, especially after the attack Russia to Ukraine, when – as everyone knows – energy prices are crazy, especially heat energy, it is worth using various programs – said the Prime Minister, citing the examples of Teresa and Adam Paprotny from Boronov, who hosted the head of government on Wednesday. They received 47.7 thousand zlotys for comprehensive thermo-modernization of the house. PLN subsidies. Currently, they need about 3 tons of eco-pea coal to heat their home – twice as much as before.

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– Here we have two in one: ecological equals economic – said Morawiecki, calculating that thermal modernization and the use of all related measures means reducing harmful dust emissions by up to 95 percent, CO2 emissions up to 70 percent, and thermal energy costs from 50 percent. up to 70 percent

The prime minister appealed to Poles to insulate their homes before this season and to use the programs prepared for this purpose. He reminded that the next edition of the Clean Air program allows for the pre-financing of thermo-modernization investments – now it is possible to advance the investment before its physical implementation in the amount of up to 50%. the entire grant, and the remainder of the grant is to be paid within 30 days of the completion of the renovation. Subsidies can reach up to 90 percent. the cost of the project, up to 79 thousand zloty.

– So we are still improving the conditions (of the program – ed.). Dear compatriots, really take advantage of this. Try to insulate houses, if possible, before this heating season, appealed the head of the government. He assessed that building insulation, heat pump installation, solar panels it generates savings that are very noticeable in the household budget.

– Moreover, this type of investment develops the local market and local entrepreneurship. This is the philosophy of this program that the money should remain here – in this poviat, in this commune – the prime minister explained, pointing out that most often thermo-modernization investments or replacement of heat sources are carried out by local companies.

Morawiecki admitted that climate changes are a huge challenge, but – as he stressed – “it is not an ordinary Polish family that is supposed to bear the costs of the climate”.

– The culprit here are those who during the previous 100-150 years, in the process of industrialization, large emissions, built their economy in this way (…). That is why it is the big concerns, big countries, the richest ones that should put the most in their part, believes the prime minister.

“It will surely be a difficult fall, it will be a difficult winter”

In Morawiecki’s opinion, the current situation, caused by the Russian aggression on Ukraine, makes the coming autumn and winter difficult in terms of energy.

– It will definitely be a difficult autumn, it will be a difficult winter – Putin made sure. All of Europe today realized it, and the Germans and the Austrians realized twice how wrong they had been through the years of being dependent on Russia. We have become independent from Russia, but unfortunately the high prices of raw materials also affect us, said Morawiecki.

The Paprotny family, visited by the Prime Minister in Boronów on Wednesday, returned to Poland after about 20 years in Germany. – After the conversation I had with you, you really want to live (…). The heart grows when I hear such stories: that in the circumstances in which we live, it is easier to find a job, it is easier to find various types of development opportunities for a company, enterprise, and that we have more and more such examples – commented Mateusz Morawiecki.

Main photo source: PAP / Waldemar Deska

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