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Prime Minister Morawiecki proposes changing the name of the “employment office” to “career selection center”

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Yesterday, the Central Statistical Office announced the latest unemployment figures. In March 2023, it amounted to 5.4 percent. while a month earlier it was 5.5 percent. In response to these data, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on social media that it might be time to rename “employment offices”. What is the Prime Minister proposing?

– Today, when unemployment in Poland is the second lowest in Europe, maybe we should stop using the name “employment office”, which – as Morawiecki wrote – is associated with the sad times of governments AFTER, and replace them with something more relevant to today’s employee market – such as “career choice centers”? – we read on the Prime Minister’s Facebook page. The data published by the Central Statistical Office shows that unemployment rate in Poland in March 2023 amounted to 5.4 percent. The number of unemployed registered in labor offices at the end of March amounted to 846.9 thousand. In the previous month it was 5.5 percent. and 864.8 thous. people.

Unemployment rate in Poland – March 2023

According to data from the European Statistical Office (Eurostat), Poland is one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union and ranks second. Lower unemployment is only in the Czech Republic.

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Will unemployment in Poland rise?

The Polish Economic Institute predicts that by the end of the year there will be a slight increase in the unemployment rate. “The unemployment rate fell in March from 5.5 percent to 5.4 percent. In total, 846,000 unemployed are registered in employment offices – 55,000 less than a year ago. We expect a slight increase in the unemployment rate by the end of this year” – it was written on Twitter.

– This is a result similar to what we recorded a year ago (5.6 percent). We seem to have reached the level of natural unemployment. In other words, until the situation in the economy deteriorates significantly, we will have unemployment oscillating around 5 percent – comments Mariusz Zielonka, an economic expert of the Confederation Lewiatan. – However, looking globally at the data from the Polish economy and the seasonality of unemployment, all this indicates that a slight upward move is likely to await us around autumn. However, we should not exceed the level of 6 percent – he adds.

Zielonka also notes that the number of vacancies reported to offices is clearly decreasing on the labor market. In the first quarter of 2022, there were an average of 124,000, now this number has decreased by 25%. In his opinion, “this is proof that the slowdown is becoming a fact.”

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