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Prime Minister: Poland was asked to help in the export of grain from Ukraine

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Poland was asked to help in the export of goods, mainly grain from Ukraine, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Wednesday. He added that we are receiving EU funds for this to increase capacity and improve infrastructure. Due to Russia’s seizure of ports, Ukraine has to transport grain by other routes. – Poland will be an economic hub for independent Ukraine – emphasized the Prime Minister at the opening of a temporary container house town in Borodzianka.

During the press conference, he said that Poland would participate in the export of agricultural produce, mainly grain from Ukraine. – Poland will be an economic hub for independent Ukraine and we will try to help today – he stressed.

Morawiecki: Poland receives funds from the EU

– That is why Poland was also asked and I said what our conditions are, we are also receiving funds from the EU here in order to increase the capacity, improve the infrastructure that will enable the export of grain, the export of goods from Ukraine to Near Eastto Africa and other countries, he said.

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The Prime Minister emphasized that grain exports from Ukraine were one of the main topics during the Monday-Tuesday meeting of the European Council. It was – he added – subject “number 2 immediately after.” war in Ukraine“It is several tens of millions of tons of grain, about 50 million tons of grain a year, without which North Africa and the Middle East may have serious problems with feeding its people, with securing food for its people,” he stressed.

Morawiecki said that “several agreements between ministries are being prepared today, which on the one hand will help Ukraine, and on the other hand will give Poland an economic impulse” and that “these are agreements concerning, for example, the export of Ukrainian grain”. The prime minister also talked about Polish-Ukrainian cooperation between the ministries of defense, internal affairs and infrastructure.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the most important thing today is to restore peace in Ukraine. – We are focusing on restoring peace, security, normality and normal economic life as soon as possible – he added.

The European Commission wants to establish “solidarity corridors”

the European Commission mid-May presents an action plan to establish “solidarity corridors” so that Ukraine can export grains but also import the goods it needs – from humanitarian aid to animal feed and fertilizers.

Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean said that “20 million tonnes of cereals are to be exported from Ukraine within three months using EU infrastructure”. – This is a gigantic challenge, so it is essential to coordinate and optimize logistics chains, introduce new routes and avoid bottlenecks as much as possible – she said

Huge amounts of grain ready for export are waiting for export in Ukrainian silos. Different track gauges are a challenge: Ukrainian wagons are not compatible with most of the EU rail network, so most of the goods have to be reloaded to lorries or wagons that fit the standard EU track gauge.

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