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Prince Frederick is the new king of Denmark. Why there will be no coronation

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Danish Crown Prince Frederick will become King of Denmark on Sunday. However, he will not be crowned. – The 1671 crown of Christian V, the most famous of the Danish royal crowns and today one of the most important symbols of royal power, is currently used only in one specific situation – explains historian Jon Bloch Skipper.

Queen Margrethe II, who has ruled Denmark for 52 years, unexpectedly announced her abdication during the… traditional New Year’s speech. She explained her decision by the passage of time and concerns about her health and the efficient performance of her duties. This Sunday, the Danish throne will be taken over by Margaret II’s son, Crown Prince Frederick. From that day on, the current heir to the throne will be called King Frederick X, and his wife, Crown Princess Maria, Queen Mary. However, the new monarch will not be crowned. Why? And what will happen during Sunday’s celebrations?

Queen Margrethe II of DenmarkPAP/EPA/Keld Navntoft DENMARK OUT

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Transfer of the throne to Denmark – what will happen

As the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Poland explains in a social media post, the succession will take place during the meeting of the Council of State when Margaret II signs the declaration of abdication. The ceremony will start at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday at Christiansborg Palace. An hour later, King Frederick X will step onto the palace balcony, after which the Prime Minister will announce his accession to the throne. According to the schedule published on the website royal familythe new monarch will make a speech, then a salute of honor will be fired, and the new royal couple will ride in a carriage to the palace in Amalienborg.

Queen Margaret II of Denmark and her son, Crown Prince FrederickPAP/EPA/MADS CLAUS RASMUSSEN

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This is not the end of events related to the assumption of the throne by the new head of state. On Monday at At 10:00 the royal family will appear in the Danish Parliament, where the Speaker of the House and the Prime Minister will deliver a speech. In addition, the head of government will present the king’s declaration to parliament. The royal family will then attend a reception. The celebrations related to the transfer of power will end with a service in the cathedral in Aarhus, scheduled for January 21.

Why there is no coronation in Denmark

The Danish monarchy is one of the oldest in the world. As the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Poland explains, “the line of Queen Margaret II is over 1,000 years old. Her ancestor was probably Gorm Stary, who was born in 958.” Canute VI was the first ruler of the country to be crowned. The ceremony took place in 1170 – reminds the “Tatler” magazine. The tradition continued until the 17th century, when, with the introduction of absolute monarchy, coronation was replaced by anointing the ruler with holy oils. This ceremonial was in turn abolished when Denmark became a constitutional monarchy in the mid-19th century.

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince FrederickPAP/EPA/KELD NAVNTOFT

“The crown of Christian V from 1671, the most famous of the Danish royal crowns and today one of the most important symbols of royal power, is currently used only in one specific situation – when the monarch dies,” explains historian Jon Bloch Skipper, quoted by the “Billed” magazine website Bladet”.

The modern Danish monarchy is not associated with crowns and other insignia of royal power. – Instead of regalia, the monarchy is the driving force for business and diplomacy. The Danish media has never been as ‘tabloidy’ (on the subject of the royal family – ed.) as the British, and the average Dane does not have many reasons to question the monarchy – said Morten Pelch in an interview with the British “Guardian”, commenting Margaret II’s decision to abdicate.

Coronation. Denmark an example for Great Britain?

The manner of transfer of power in Denmark in recent days has been compared to coronations organized in Great Britain: the current British monarch, King Charles III, was crowned in May 2023. – If Denmark can do without a coronation and the monarchy continues, then Great Britain Did she do the right thing by organizing such an expensive coronation? – wondered royal correspondent Jack Royston in an interview with the American magazine “Newsweek”. He pointed to estimates according to which the organization of the coronation of Charles III it cost approximately £100 million. Royston added that in the future, Prince William “following Denmark’s example” may give up a lavish coronation.

Charles III during his ceremonial coronation in Westminster AbbeyWPA Pool / Pool/Getty Images Europe

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