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Prince Harry has revealed in his autobiography how many people he killed in Afghanistan. The Taliban want to bring him to justice

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While serving in Afghanistan, I killed 25 Taliban,” Prince Harry confessed in his autobiography due out this week. He added that he “didn’t think of his victims as people” and called them “pawns removed from the chessboard”. This passage aroused indignation from the Taliban. They demand that the prince be brought before an international court.

World premiere of “Spare” (the Polish title is “The Second One” – ed.), Prince Harry’s famous autobiographyis scheduled for January 10, but in Spain the sale of the book – allegedly by mistake – started five days earlier. Many of its fragments have already hit the media and aroused great controversy. The media pay a lot of attention especially to the detailed conflict between Harry and his brother William. The chapter in which the prince wrote about his stay in Afghanistan also resonated widely.

Member royal family During his service in the army, he went on a mission to Afghanistan – in 2007 and 2012. During the second trip, he was one of the pilots of the Apasz combat helicopter. In his autobiography, he confessed that he killed 25 Taliban at that time.

“It wasn’t a statistic that made me proud. But it didn’t embarrass me either. When I was in the heat and confusion of the fight, I didn’t think of these 25 people as people. They were pawns removed from the chessboard. Bad people eliminated before they killed the good people.” Harry revealed.

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Harry’s autobiography. The Taliban are outraged

The Taliban referred to the information presented in the book. According to Sky News, the authorities of the Afghan province of Helmand, where British troops were stationed from 2006 to 2014, demand that the prince be brought to justice.

“If Harry considers himself a member of the civilized world, such an admission should be embarrassing to him.” And it’s even more shameful that he talks about it with such pride, like an illiterate person from a poor community, without any knowledge or education,” said Hameedullah Hameedi, a member of the local council. He added that the Taliban expected not only to bring Harry to justice, but also to “swiftly punish him by the international community.”

In turn, Afghan Mullah Abdullah told the AP news agency that he had lost nine relatives during one of the British airstrikes. They died when their house was shot at. Abdullah survived because he was at the market in a neighboring village during the bombing. “We call on the international community to bring this man (Harry) to justice and we should be compensated for our losses.” We have lost our homes and our loved ones.

The prince has not yet commented on the excerpt that arouses indignation by the Taliban. There was also no official comment from the royal family or the British Ministry of Defence.

As Maciej Woroch, the correspondent of “Fakty” TVN, noted in London, “there are those who say – like former intelligence officers and British commanders – that (with this statement Prince Harry) put a large sign of the cross on his back and almost signed him: shoot here. Former soldiers criticize Harry, explaining that, for security reasons, details about the service should not be revealed.

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