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Prince Harry vs lawyer “beast”. A fierce battle in front of the Supreme Court

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Prince Harry testified for the first time in the UK’s High Court on Tuesday in a trial against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), the publisher of British tabloids. During the hearing, MGN lawyer Andrew Green, who has a reputation as a “beast in court”, repeatedly called the prince’s allegations “speculation”, ruthlessly pointing out inaccuracies in his statements.

Younger son King Charles III and dead Princess Diana appeared at a hearing at the High Court in London on Tuesday morning. The prince and several other celebrities have filed a lawsuit alleging that journalists from the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and People obtained information about their private lives through unlawful methods, including hacking into their voicemails phones. Now Harry must prove to the best of his ability that he was the victim of a phone hack and “illegal information gathering” the BBC reported before the trial.

Journalists outside the High Court building in LondonEPA

Mirror Group Newspapers lawyer Andrew Green, known as “fearless and fearsome” during the hearings and as “the beast in court”, began questioning Harry by apologizing to him on behalf of the MGN group, admitting that the group had committed unlawful information gathering on one occasion. The lawyer, quoted by Reuters, said this “should never happen and will not happen again”.

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Prince Harry vs Lawyer “The Beast”

The lawyer then “with mounting hostility questioned the prince on 33 newspaper articles, details of which Harry claims were unlawfully obtained,” Reuters reported. The prince said the stories he believes come from wiretaps have not only caused security concerns but also hurt his relationships. “I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone, which was a terrible feeling for me, especially at such a young age,” he said. He added that it made him suffer from “bouts of depression and paranoia” and made friends and girlfriends “immediate targets” for the tabloids.

Prince Harry in court TOLGA AKMEN/EPA/PAP

Green, who repeatedly referred to the prince’s allegations as “speculation”, suggested that Harry’s distress was due to “press coverage in general” rather than specific stories covered by MGN-owned titles, and that their writings were based on details already in the public domain. The prince, when asked about the source of the information that is the subject of his lawsuit, “repeatedly said that this question should have been asked to the journalists who wrote it.”

For example, the lawyer said that the direct source of the article about the prince’s role in the school’s army of cadets “appeared to be” a Buckingham Palace press release and not “shady sources”, the BBC reported after questioning. For another article, which Harry believes was written after his mobile phone was hacked, Green pointed out that it was written in 1996. Meanwhile, the prince had previously confessed that he didn’t get his first mobile phone until 1998, so the 1996 article could not have been created by hacking the device. Harry defended that the allegation in this case was that it was impossible to explain how the newspaper got the information.

Uncle girls source of information

Harry drew attention to a 2003 article that featured photos of him on vacation in Australia. “It was a public beach, but it wasn’t crowded or popular, so I’m not sure how anyone knew we were there, that we were in the right place at the right time to be photographed. I didn’t know at the time that someone was taking pictures.” – claims the son of Charles III and the late Princess Diana. Green responded to the allegations by stating that the whereabouts of the prince were first reported to the Evening Standard and that the photographer present on the beach was “selling pictures to many newspapers”, the British public broadcaster said, reporting on Tuesday’s hearing.

The prince was also questioned over allegations about another 2003 piece in which People magazine allegedly summarized a conversation between Harry and his elder brother Prince William about their late mother’s butler. The younger brother allegedly called an employee of Princess Diana “a two-faced ****” during it. MGN’s lawyer asked the prince why he stated in his testimony that he did not want to meet his mother’s former butler, but in his book The Other One he wrote that he wanted to do so. In response, he heard that Harry “can’t remember if he wanted to meet him or not”.

Prince Harry in court in LondonPAP/EPA/TOLGA AKMEN

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Green also referred to a 2005 Mirror article in which the tabloid reported that then-girlfriend of Prince Chelsy Davy was “intending to dump him” amid speculation that he had flirted with a mysterious brunette at an infamous party where he appeared in a Nazi uniform soldier. The prince claimed that the information about what happened between him and his girlfriend at the time was obtained illegally, and the quoted alleged “acquaintance” was made up for publication. The lawyer replied that there was “nothing illegal” about the journalist who wrote the article talking to people at the party. As he added, the quote published in the text was attributed to “buddy”, but the real source of the information was Chelsy Davy’s uncle.

Green also referred to the text of one of the MGN titles informing about Harry’s meeting with the Davy family. He said the story had previously been reported in the Mail on Sunday, giving the location of the meeting. The prince says the text suggests the press swindled details of his journey from people who knew them. Green again replied that the information came from Chelsa Davy’s uncle. Harry, in turn, said it was “very unlikely” that his uncle had access to them.

Prince Harry in court

Prince Harry will appear in court again on Wednesday. According to the British media, he is the first high-ranking member in over 130 years royal familywho appeared before the court. Court attendance is “currently something of a taboo for the royal family due to fears of opening Pandora’s box.”

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/TOLGA AKMEN

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