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Prince William in Poland. Marcin Przydacz when asked about the arrangements and details of the talks

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The British system is constructed in such a way that the king or heir to the throne does not talk publicly about politics, said Marcin Przydacz, the presidential minister, on TVN24, referring to Prince William’s visit to Poland. “Even if the topic of possible military support was discussed with Prince William, I would not be authorized to discuss it publicly,” he replied to the interviewer’s question.

Prince William, the heir to the throne of Great Britain, arrived on Wednesday with an unannounced visit to Poland. He met, among others, British soldiers stationed in Rzeszów. In the evening, he visited the refugee accommodation point in Warsaw and met with Rafał Trzaskowski. He is to meet the president on Thursday Andrzej Duda.

Przydacz: Even if it were a topic, I couldn’t talk about it

On Thursday, he spoke about the visit of the heir to the British throne in “Rozmowo Piaseckiego” Marcin Przydaczhead of the President’s Office of International Policy.

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– We agreed with the British side that we do not disclose to the public who and exactly when they are arriving. This was the request of the British side, as I understand, also for security reasons – not only physical security, but also image security. We respected the request of the British protocol – explained the presidential minister.

He also said that Polish-British relations “are going very well” and that the visit “will certainly strengthen them”. – This is another time when Prince William visits Poland. (…) Such a renewal of these specific, basically strategic Polish-British relations – I think that is what we should focus on today. However, the specifics are being determined through diplomatic channels and in political relations with Downing Street, he said.

When asked whether any declarations regarding British military support could be made in the talks with Prince William, the guest of “Rozmowy Piasecki” replied: – Even if it was the subject of conversation with Prince William, I would not be authorized to discuss it publicly.

– Because the British system is constructed in such a way that neither the king nor the heir to the throne publicly discuss politics. That’s what ombudsmen and ministers are for, explained Przydacz.

Przydaj: China has two paths. The ball is still in play

The Prime Minister also commented visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Moscow and meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. – Certainly Vladimir Putin sought rapprochement with China. I dare say that Russia is becoming a client of China, a state economically and politically subordinated to China. This is an undesirable process for world security and security architecture, he said.

Xi Jinping said goodbye to Vladimir PutinReuters

He assessed that “China is playing its global game.” – I repeat that China has two paths. They can play a constructive role in this conflict [w Ukrainie – przyp. red.]because they can stop Russia by cutting off the channels of economic contacts. But unfortunately, they can also play a negative role – noted Przydacz.

In his opinion, “the ball is still in play, the Chinese side has not yet fully decided on its policy in this context.” “Vladimir Putin certainly wanted it. We do not know what specific arguments he used and what he offered China. Because there is no doubt that it wants and expects military support. Russia is not prepared to conduct an active military operation in the long run and is looking for other partners, stressed the TVN24 guest.


Questions about Poland’s candidate for the head of NATO

The host asked Przydacz whether Poland has ambitions to nominate a candidate for the new secretary general of NATO. Jens Stoltenberg’s term is set to end in October. – Poland has ambitions that the secretary general of NATO should be a person who is friendly to Poland and understands the challenges in the east – he said.

Asked about the possible candidacy of former president Aleksander Kwaśniewski, he replied: – The candidacy of the president Aleksander Kwasniewski suggested one of the Polish electronic media journalists. Nowhere else in international forums did this name appear.

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