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Pro-EU demonstration at Castle Square – speech by Donald Tusk

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Pro-EU demonstrations are held on Sunday in many cities in Poland and abroad. This is a reaction to Thursday’s judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal, which found that some provisions of EU law are inconsistent with the Polish constitution. The leader of the Civic Platform and the initiator of the demonstration in the capital, Donald Tusk, spoke at Zamkowy Square in Warsaw. As he said, he raised the alarm after “the decisions of the ruling party, which without blaming the bush, without hiding anything, made the decision to remove Poland from the European Union.”

The full Constitutional Tribunal, chaired by President Julia Przyłębska, dealt on Thursday with the matter initiated by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the end of March, concerning the constitutionality of some of the provisions of the Treaty on European Union. On that day, the Constitutional Tribunal found in a judgment that some of the EU regulations asked by the head of government are inconsistent with the constitution.


In reaction to this decision, Tusk initiated a demonstration on Sunday at 6pm on Sunday at Castle Square on the same day. He called for the participation of “all those who want to defend European Poland”.

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Donald Tusk at the demonstration: I raise this alarm with you

During the demonstration, Tusk said that he “felt obliged to raise the alarm at a critical and breakthrough moment.” – Caused by the decisions of the pseudo-Tribunal, decisions of the ruling party, which made the decision to remove Poland from the European Union without hiding anything, said Tusk.


As he said to those gathered at Castle Square, “I am raising this alarm together with you.” – I said yesterday that even if I had to be alone, I would stand and raise this alarm, because it is a matter of our future, the future of our children and grandchildren – he pointed out.

Tusk: at this particular, critical moment, I felt obliged to raise the alarmPHOTOS OF THE ORGANIZER

– But I am not alone and I knew very well that there would be a lot of us, but it never crossed my mind that so many thousands of people, thousands of Warsaw residents, thousands of Warsaw women and Poles from all over Poland would come here to the Castle Square and the surrounding streets – he added.

Tusk: today you have the right and duty to shout: “constitution”

The leader of the Civic Platform thanked all organizations and social movements that previously manifested and in this way – as he said – “kept hope and faith in victory”. That is why – as he argued – “today there are so many of us here in Warsaw and all over Poland, tens of thousands of people”.

Tusk asked “what happened that we all met here today”, and replied: “The pseudo-tribunal, a group of disguised people dressed in judge gowns, at the command of the ruling party’s president, in violation of the Polish constitution, decided to lead our homeland out of the European Union.”

As he continued, “that handful of people who do not hesitate to use every possible lie, for example on the issue of the constitution, the lie that the Constitution of the Republic of Poland is in conflict with the European Union.”

– This is not true, it is true, and this truth is obvious to us and all of Poland must hear this truth (that – ed.) Pseudo-laws, pseudo-verdicts that violate European treaties and, above all, the constitution of our homeland, yes as in recent years, today you have the right and the duty to shout “constitution” out loud. We defend the constitution, we defend the Republic of Poland against usurpers – said Tusk.

Tusk: today you have the right and the duty to shout: constitutionPHOTOS OF THE ORGANIZER

Protests in many cities in Poland and beyond. List of localities

Protests are also held in other cities in Polandin Białystok (Rynek Kościuszki, 6 p.m.), Bochnia (the market, 6 p.m.), Bolesławiec (the market, 6 p.m.), Bydgoszcz (Old Market, 6 p.m.), Chrzanów (Tysiąclecia Square, under the Eagle, 6 p.m.), Częstochowa (II Aleja NMP 24, 4 p.m.), Elbląg (Old Market Square, 5 p.m.), Ełk (Solidarity Square, 6 p.m.), Gdańsk (near Neptune, 6 p.m.), Gdynia ( Kościuszki, 6 pm), Gołdap (Plac Zwycięstwa, 4 pm), Gorlice (market square, 4 pm), Gorzów Wielkopolski (Old Market Square, 6 pm), Gromadce (near the Dino stadium, 4 pm), Gryficach ( Zwycięstwa Square, 6 p.m.), Jelenia Góra (near the Town Hall, 6 p.m.), Kalisz (Kiliński Square, 4 p.m.), Katowice (market square, 4 p.m.), Kędzierzyn-Koźle (Council of Europe Square, 4 p.m.) , Kielce (market square, 6 p.m.), Kołobrzeg (Ratuszowy Square, 6 p.m.), Koszalin (Rynek Staromiejski, 6 p.m.), Kraków (Main Square, 4 p.m.), Lubaniu (in front of the District Court, 6 p.m.) , Lublin (ul. Królewska 3, at 6 p.m.), Łódź (ul. Piotrkowska 143, at 6 p.m.) , Morąg (in front of the town hall, at 18), Mrągowo (in front of the town hall, 6 p.m.), Myślenice (market square, 6 p.m.), Nowy Sącz (near the Clock, 4 p.m.), Nysa (next to the Gate of the Ziębicka Tower, 6 p.m.), Olsztyn (Old Town, 6 p.m.), Opole (Wolności Square, 5:30 p.m.), Oświęcim (market square, 4 p.m.), Piła (Konstytucji 3 Maja Square, 6 p.m.), Płock (next to the District Court, 4 p.m.), Poznań ( Wolności, 4 p.m.), Puławy (Chopin Square, 6 p.m.), Rzeszów (market square, 6 p.m.), Sopot (6 p.m.), Starachowice (market square, 6 p.m.), Szczecin (Solidarności Square, 6 p.m. ), Świdnica (market next to the theater, 6 p.m.), Tarnowskie Góry (6 p.m.), Tarnów (market, 6 p.m.), Wałbrzych (Magistracki Square, 6 p.m.), Wrocław (Solny Square, 4 p.m.), Zakopane (6 pm), Zalewo (Wolności Square, 6 pm), Zgorzelec (in front of the Millennium Cross, 6 pm), Zielona Góra (square in front of the Philharmonic, 4 pm).

On the day on which the Constitutional Tribunal announced its verdict, pickets were also held in front of its buildingPAP / Radek Pietruszka

As reported by TVN24 reporter Michał Gołębiowski, pickets are held in a total of over 90 cities in the country. Apart from the already mentioned, these are: Piaseczno (3.30 pm), Chełm, Czarnków, Głogów, Giżycko, Olecko, Oławo, Ostrołęka, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Wieliczka (4.00 pm), Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Radomsko (5.00 pm), Biała Podlaska , Bielsko-Biała, Brodnica, Brzesko, Dzierzgoń Stary, Jeziorany, Kazimierz Wielka, Legnica, Lubaczów, Międzyrzecz, Mikołów, Myślibórz, Nowy Dwór Gdański, Nowy Targ, Przemyśl, Rybnik, Sanok, Świnoujście, Toruń, Trzebnica, Włocławek, Zamość, Żnin (at 6 p.m.).

Manifestations also take place outside Poland, incl. in cities such as: Berlin (Polish Institute, 4 p.m. and Thielallee, 6 p.m.), London (in front of the Polish Embassy, ​​7 p.m. Polish time), Luxembourg (in front of the Polish Embassy, ​​6 p.m.), Madrid (in front of the Polish Consulate, Goya 15, 6 p.m.).

Manifestations will take place in dozens of cities. MapTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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