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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Pro-EU demonstrations in Poland. Lech Wałęsa’s speech in Gdańsk

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Pro-EU demonstrations took place all over Poland on Sunday. This is a response to Thursday’s judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal, which found that some provisions of EU law are inconsistent with the Polish constitution. Former president Lech Wałęsa spoke at the demonstration in Gdańsk. – The people who run the state today are a great misfortune for Poland – he said to the gathered people.

In response to Thursday’s judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal on the superiority of the Polish constitution over European law, a rally was organized on Sunday at the Long Market at the Neptune Fountain in Gdańsk in support of Poland’s presence in the European community. The participants of the demonstration had with them Polish and EU flags and banners with the slogans: “I am staying in Europe”, “Barrier for PiS. We stay in the EU”, “You steal our money, but you will not steal our freedom”.


“We stay”, “We will not give up”, “Free courts”, “No, no, no! I don’t want this Poland!” One could hear the shouts of them.

The demonstration was attended, among others, by former president Lech Wałęsa, speaking from the stage.

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Lech Wałęsa: you must regain the right to change from the sovereign

– When we started the fight in 1980, I told you that we would win – Wałęsa began. He explained that people did not fight Jaruzelski, Kiszczak or UB at that time. – We fought with the system for a new system and we won. We have established a system of tripartite power. Today we have to fight people who spoil this system, so this fight is different and needs different arguments – he emphasized.

– These people who run the state today are a great misfortune for Poland. We had different rulers, but they didn’t take morals, they didn’t divide us. Never has any enemy that led Poland divided the nation as much as this power – added Wałęsa.

Lech Wałęsa spoke in GdańskBartosz Bańka / Agencja Gazeta

The former president argued that we must understand the times in which we live. – Again, these times require different methods of fighting from us. I’m too old, turning to eighty. I wrote myself on breaking down that system. I’m a little tired now, but when I see what’s going on, I try to get into the fight, he continued.

Wałęsa appealed to citizens to collect signatures to overthrow the government. – You must regain the right to change from the sovereign. It is the sovereign that must give you the right to kick these people out. You do not have this right yet. You must collect signatures to change this power. But there must be more of these signatures than the people who chose them. When you do this, you acquire the right to change. You acquire the right to do it by force, because you have the right of the sovereign. Today we cannot do it because we do not have the right of a sovereign. Get them back and it will be continued very soon, he said.

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz: creeping polexit has become a fact

According to the president of Gdańsk, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, “the creeping polexit has become a fact”. She added that each of the meeting participants has an important task. – Let each of us convince one, two or three people who want to leave the EU to change their minds. Let’s do it by the force of arguments. Let’s organize, let’s convince the unconvinced, because only in this way can we achieve victory – exhorted Dulkiewicz from the stage.

Magdalena Adamowicz, MEP, also took the floor. She assessed that anyone who works for Poland’s exit from the EU is detrimental to the interests of our homeland. – We are here because we will not allow a handful of madmen to take away our freedom, equality, democracy. We will not allow a handful of madmen who love power but do not like democracy to take away our prosperity. It is not about the primacy of the law here, but that this authority should be able to do what it wants. PiS trampled everything that stood in the way of authoritarianism. An empty shell has been made of Polish democracy – said Adamowicz.

She added that “the dream of PiS chairman Jarosław Kaczyński is full power”. – Kaczyński has already shown that his whim is more important than the Polish constitution. Now he wants to show that his whim is more important than the treaty his brother ratified 20 years ago. Polexit is full authoritarian power over Poland for Jarosław Kaczyński – she said.

Bogdan Borusewicz, Deputy Speaker of the Senate, announced that citizens would continue to protest. – We will not allow what we have been working for many years to be destroyed. We will not allow our place in Europe to be destroyed, the rule of law to be trampled on. We will assemble as many times as it takes. Let no one think that we will get tired, we will fall into apathy – he emphasized.

Main photo source: Bartosz Bańka / Agencja Gazeta

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