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Problems with access to vaccinations against COVID-19. “It looks like a big mess.”

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From December 6, we were supposed to be able to get vaccinated against the next version of COVID-19 – Kraken. But many of those who want to do so leave without success. Registration for the first tranche ended immediately. The government imported vaccines late, and very little at that. More deliveries are to come.

Registration on online portals discourages vaccination – you cannot sign up. The first batch of 210,000 vaccines disappeared quickly. – We are not registering for now because we are not sure whether we will receive or when we will receive further vaccines, so we give them a telephone number and tell them to call and find out when the next registrations will be available – explains Marcin Prusak from the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Słupsk.

Frustration is growing among doctors and patients, but the Ministry of Health assures that another batch of vaccine that protects against the latest mutation of the virus will soon arrive in Poland. Older vaccines are designed to protect less. – The next delivery is expected to be 200,000. Our experts’ calculations show that this number will be sufficient – assures Iwona Kania from the Ministry of Health.

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– It is easier to learn about the operational plans of the Polish army than the plan of the Ministry of Health about what it actually intends to do with our health – assesses the authorities’ actions, Professor Krzysztof Pyrć, a virologist from the Małopolska Center of Biotechnology of the Jagiellonian University. – The delivery dates for these vaccines are around December 18 – adds Izabela Baj, a pharmacist from the “Gemini” pharmacy.

Not only are fewer points vaccinating, but pharmacies and clinics are having problems with orders. – It was only the tenth time that I succeeded. Many colleagues gave up (offering – editor’s note) vaccinations and did not make such an attempt because they encountered problems when ordering – says Joanna Zabielska-Cieciuch, a family medicine specialist.

Virologist: the group and coronavirus vaccination season should have started a long time ago TVN24

System problems

Doctors were discouraged by problems with the government procurement application. This is a painful picture of the disease of the system. – When it comes to vaccines, of course we are a bit like road workers in winter. We were late – says Michał Bulsa, president of the District Medical Chamber in Szczecin. – In my opinion, the situation now is clearly worse than during the first three years of the pandemic (…). In public consciousness, the pandemic has been canceled. Poles buy almost one hundred thousand tests a day in pharmacies, the results of these tests are not in the system – emphasizes Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski, an expert on epidemic threats of the Supreme Medical Council.

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Some, like former president Lech Wałęsa, fall ill for the second time.

According to official data, about three thousand people are infected every day. The government clearly hasn’t learned anything. – It looks like a big mess because not only are there no vaccines available, there is no drug available that is available to people at risk. Not everyone who wants to can get vaccinated, which is a dramatic situation – warns Professor Krzysztof Pyrć.

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