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Problems with school recruitment. Poznan creates additional classes. It will cost PLN 10 million

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In September, additional classes will be created in schools in Poznań and the county. More than 12,000 students will be waiting for students. places in Poznań and almost 2 thousand. in the Poznań district. The related costs will be partly borne by the communes of the Poznań Metropolis. 21 communes will contribute a total of PLN 5 million, and the Poznań district will allocate the same amount.

The associated local governments in the Poznań Metropolis voted a solution to the challenge of increased recruitment to secondary schools in the 2023/2024 school year. In the schools of Poznań and the Poznań district, additional classes will be created to meet the needs of almost twice as many students graduating from primary school this year. 12,000 will be waiting for them. places in Poznań and 2 thousand. in the Poznań district. The additional costs will be partly borne by the metropolitan communes.

The wine “double vintage”

Seventeen communes of the Poznań district, as well as Śrem, Szamotuły, Oborniki and Skoki, will help Poznań and the district finance the education of this year’s oversized primary school graduates. 21 communes will contribute a total of PLN 5 million, the same amount will be spent additionally by the Poznań district. The upcoming school year 2023/2024 will be the beginning of education in secondary schools for one and a half standard years, which is the result of the cumulative effects of the education reforms of the last 10 years. – We were aware of the challenge facing us, so we have been talking about it for weeks among the metropolitan self-governments – said Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań, President of the Poznań Metropolis.

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This week, the Metropolitan Council voted to co-finance the increased number of places in schools. – I believe that this vote was one of the most important in the history of our association. In Poznań, there will be over 50 percent more eighth grade graduates than in previous years, and now we also have over 50 percent more offer for them. Thank you very much to the staroste, mayors and vogts who made an unobvious decision out of concern for students. What’s more, we committed ourselves to talks in the coming years to work out a solution for the period until 2030 this year – said Jaśkowiak.

The resolution adopted by the Poznań Metropolitan Council determines the additional membership fee. 23 local governments agreed that these funds will go to the organization of financing an increased number of places in high schools and technical schools for the next key school year. At the same time, the management of the Metropolis committed to develop a concept for financing education until 2030 by the end of 2023.

– This is a strong example of how effectively we can act by joining local government forces – assessed Jan Grabkowski, the Poznań starost, vice-president of the board of the Poznań Metropolis. – We are aware of our specific geographical situation: the Poznań poviat is located around Poznań, we have schools that we run as a poviat, there are institutions organized by communes, but for many of our students, the broad and accessible educational offer of the capital of the region is very attractive. With the awareness of almost twice as many students as even two years ago, we sat down to talks to meet their needs. After difficult talks, we got up from the table with a unanimously accepted solution – he said.

Not everyone gets into their dream schools

In the recruitment system for secondary schools for the year 2023/24, 12,153 places will be available in schools in Poznań and 1,872 places in the Poznań district, which gives a total of 14,025 students the opportunity to study. This number does not include schools operating in Poznań, which are not run by the local government and do not recruit through a common system.

Thus, every child who completes primary school in Poznań and the county has a place in a secondary school. As Jacek Jaśkowiak told TVN24, they are not able to “push these troops apart” even more. And that means one thing – not everyone will get into their dream schools. – We have to solve the problem of earlier decisions of the Minister of Education (…) We are not able to bear more – admits the Mayor of Poznań.

Last school year, over 14,000 people were admitted to secondary schools located in Poznań in the first recruitment. More than 3,000 students were left behind.

There may be no teachers in schools

An additional consequence may be learning in shifts. Due to the lack of places in secondary schools in Poznań, some primary schools located in the vicinity of secondary schools are to provide them with classrooms.

As a result of the increased recruitment to schools, some institutions may not have enough teachers. This is confirmed by Andrzej Kaczmarek, director of the Complex of Commercial Schools. “We really lack teachers for all subjects (…) Unfortunately, young adepts are not interested in the profession, because the salaries in this sphere are much lower than anywhere else, and the work is really hard” – he emphasised.

Minister of Education and Science Przemyslaw Czarnek he claimed, however, that in Poland “there is no shortage of teachers”, and if there is a shortage, it is only in large cities. However, the data of the ministry itself, education authorities and city offices contradict both of these theses.

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