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Professions with special needs. List of the Ministry of National Education

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34 professions are included on the new list of professions for which special demand is forecast on the domestic labor market. There is one new one among them: an electromobility technician – the Ministry of National Education announced on Friday.

“Forecast of demand for employees in vocational education professions on the national and provincial labor market” is a document issued every year by the Minister of Education and Science. It is published in the form of an announcement in Monitor Polski. It was first announced in 2019.

List of professions with special needs

The aim of the forecast is to indicate in what direction the vocational education offer should develop, depending on the needs of the national and provincial labor market. The list contains a list of professions in alphabetical order.

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This year’s list includes:

– automation engineer, – concrete fitter, – carpenter, – roofer, – electromechanic, – electrician, – driver mechanic, – mechanic-installer of machines and devices, – mechatronics engineer, – industrial insulation fitter, – building structure fitter, – railway track fitter, – construction joinery fitter, – operator of machines and equipment for plastics processing, – operator of machines and equipment for earthworks and road works, – operator of machines and equipment in waste management, – operator of cutting machines, – automation technician, – railway traffic control automation technician , – road construction technician, – roofing technician, – rail transport electrical power technician, – electromobility technician, – electrical technician, – energy technician, – waste management technician, – industrial insulation technician, – mechanical technician, – mechatronics technician, – assembly and assembly technician construction joinery automation, – programming technician, – robotics technician, – welding technician, – railway transport technician. In 2024, the profession of electromobility technician appeared on the national list for the first time. “The Human Capital Balance Industry Report for the automotive and electromobility industry indicates the growing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles caused by the increasing pro-ecological awareness of society. The popularization of electromobility in Poland is progressing at a fast pace, constantly adapting to the needs directly shaped by the market and society. Moreover, an important The development of electromobility is influenced by actions taken at the level of the European Union in the field of pro-environmental shaping of the transport model in the Member States,” we read in the information. MEN regarding the forecast.

According to the ministry, this means that the scope of work in the profession of electromobility technician will increase in the automotive sector and will require constant competence transformation in the coming years.

Additional funding for education

In accordance with the Education Law, local governments for 2025 will receive an increased educational subsidy for schools educating in professions for which there is a forecasted special demand on the national labor market, indicated in the forecast for 2024. The amount from the subsidy for schools educating in professions from the “national list” ” per student is increased by PLN 1,250, and for co-financing employers’ education of juvenile student-workers in professions from the “national list” by PLN 2,000. The increased financing applies to students starting their education in a given profession and will continue throughout the entire cycle of their education in a given profession. The forecast also includes provincial lists. In addition to professions that are particularly needed in a given region, they also include professions that are in moderate demand in a given region. In these lists, professions are also arranged alphabetically. The forecast takes into account data from the Educational Research Institute, developed in particular on the basis of public statistics (Central Statistical Office), data from the Social Insurance Institution and the Educational Information System. The opinions of sector councils for competences and the Program Council for competences, as well as the ministers responsible for vocational education professions, also play an important role.

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