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Professor Płatek reveals the secret about the Justice Fund

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Can I reveal a secret? – asked Professor Monika Płatek, a criminal lawyer and member of the Social Council for the Justice Fund, in “#BezKitu”. She said that the Council discussed calling this fund the “Tomasz Komenda Fund”. She added that the idea was “suspended for a while”.

Professor Monika Płatek from the Institute of Criminal Law of the University of Warsaw is a member of the group established in February this year Social Council for the Justice Fund. On Friday, in the “#BezKitu” program, she talked about the fund itself, around which there were many scandals during the government. PISas well as about the work of the Council.

She emphasized that the Justice Fund is a “targeted fund”. – So its purpose is very narrowly defined and this purpose is to be legal aid, medical help, psychological help for injured people and for people who are in prison, released and their families – she pointed out.

– Can I tell you a secret? – she interjected. – Among others, Professor Zbigniew Lasocik (also a member of the Council – ed.) suggested calling this fund the Tomasz Komenda Fund – she said. In her opinion, “this is very characteristic, because we also have to recognize this additional element: that we are dealing with a man who has been wronged by the justice system.”

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When asked by the host of the program whether there were any discussions on this topic at the Council, she replied: – It was one of the topics we discussed. He's on hold for a while.

When asked whether the idea was to change the name of the Justice Fund to the Tomasz Komenda Fund, Professor Płatek confirmed it. – Let it be a name, because it is such a memento that we must remember that we are talking about criminals, but we create these criminals and sometimes we create these criminals as a result of the poor functioning of the justice system – she added.

Stępień: society has stopped being vigilant

The professor assessed that when it comes to the crime prevention goals covered by the fund, “we must realize that in each of these cases we were fooled.” – In fact, we were mocked, mocked and disrespected. It wasn't about the good of people, it wasn't about really helping people who were in need, she said.

Former president of the Constitutional Tribunal, Jerzy Stępień, currently heading the Social Council for the Justice Fund, talked about the origins of it and its name.

– At the beginning, there was talk about goals such as post-penitentiary assistance and helping victims of crime, and it sounds a bit unattractive. At some point, the name “Justice Fund” appeared, and the word “justice” is such that we like it, we feel that it is something cool. Here, this manipulation caused society to become less vigilant, he said.

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