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Project 92, a competition for Twitter from Meta owner of Facebook

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Meta, the owner of Facebook, is developing its own version of a text-based social media platform. It’s supposed to be a competitor to Twitter. Meta intends to make the app available soon, although no exact date has been given. There are speculations that this could happen as early as the end of June.

Information about the work on the new service was confirmed by the Meta press office in an interview with the BBC.

“We are considering a project for a standalone, decentralized social network for sharing text updates,” it said. We believe there is an opportunity to develop a separate space where creators and public figures can share news about their interests.

Project 92

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Meta product director Chris Cox said that a project with the working name Project 92 is in the works. The tech giant intends to make the platform available soon, although no specific date has been given. There are speculations that this could happen as early as the end of June.

Screenshots have surfaced online that give an idea of ​​what the app will look like. The photos were shown at an internal meeting of Meta employees. BBC sources within the company have confirmed that they are genuine.

Will Instagram users benefit?

P92 may prove to be a bigger rival for Twitter than BlueSky or Mastodon. As noted by the BBC, both services have attracted quite a few users who are disillusioned with Twitter.

Meta’s new platform aims to allow users to follow accounts they already follow on Instagram, and this photo-sharing app has more than two billion users. This definitely dwarfs the 300 million people who are likely to use Twitter, although this data can no longer be verified.

Even if 25 percent If Instagram users can be persuaded to use P92, this platform will immediately become bigger than its older rival.

Meta claims to take “inspiration” from other products, though others put it less kindly – Facebook Stories is based on Snapchat’s features, and Instagram’s Reels is similar to TikTok.

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