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Project on abortion. Project of the Civic Coalition in the Sejm

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On Wednesday evening, a bill by a group of MPs from the Civic Coalition regarding abortion was submitted to the Sejm. It assumes the right to health services in the form of termination of pregnancy during the first 12 weeks of its duration. Earlier, Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced the submission of the project.

According to the draft new act on conscious parenthood, the provision (Article 5) stating that “every pregnant person has the right to health services in the form of termination of pregnancy during the first 12 weeks of its duration”, also assumes that “a pregnant person makes an independent decision to continue or terminate the pregnancy.

The project also states that termination of pregnancy after the 12th week is possible when the pregnancy poses a threat to the woman’s health and life, there is a high probability of severe and irreversible defects of the fetus or an incurable disease threatening its life, and when there is a suspicion that the pregnancy was caused by as a result of a prohibited act.

MPs Monika Rosa and Monika Wielichowska were authorized to represent the applicants of the draft bill on conscious parenthood.

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The project was announced by Prime Minister Donald Tusk on January 12. – The Civic Coalition will submit its project, which gives the right to a safe abortion up to the 12th week with certain, known conditions, but it is about legal and safe abortion up to the 12th week – Tusk announced during the first television interview after becoming prime minister.

Abortion is legal in two cases

Under current regulations, abortion is legal in two cases: pregnancy resulting from rape and when the woman’s life or health is at risk. The third condition for the legality of abortion – when prenatal tests indicated a high probability of serious and irreversible damage to the fetus – was found unconstitutional by Constitutional Court in October 2020. In November last year, at the very beginning of the new term, two projects of the Left regarding the liberalization of abortion regulations were submitted to the Sejm. One of them partially decriminalizes abortion and assistance in it, the other allows termination of pregnancy until the end of the 12th week of its duration.

Main photo source: Adam Warżawa/PAP

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