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Property rental. Tax. The Ministry of Finance talks about possible changes

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Changes in the flat-rate tax on rental income are being considered, said Jarosław Szatański, director of the Income Tax Department at the Ministry of Finance. He also announced a correction regarding the rehabilitation allowance.

– We are not planning any fundamental changes in taxes, but there will be minor adjustments from our point of view – Deputy Finance Minister Artur Soboń said on Thursday at a press conference.

Changes in the rehabilitation relief

Jarosław Szatański, director of the Income Tax Department at the Ministry of Finance, explained that changes to the rehabilitation relief are being considered. – In the context of this relief, we want to slightly extend the scope of people who can benefit from it to include more distant relatives. Today, this relief is limited to the parent only, but no longer extends to grandparents. We want to introduce these types of changes – said Szatański.

Rent tax changes

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He added that changes to the flat-rate tax on rental income are also being considered. Currently, 8.5% of rental income is paid. tax, if these incomes did not exceed 100,000. PLN, and 12.5% ​​if the income from the lump sum exceeded PLN 100,000. zloty. – In the case of spouses, there is such an accusation that this is the one for them tax threshold is actually PLN 50,000 and not PLN 100,000, so we would like to settle a larger amount in the case of spouses – said the director of the Income Tax Department at the Ministry of Finance.

Property rental. How to settle with the tax office

Polish Order introduced major changes in taxation for people renting apartments under the so-called private rental, i.e. outside of business activity. Until now, private rental could be taxed, depending on the taxpayer’s choice, according to the tax scale or as a lump sum on registered income.

From 1 January 2023, the only acceptable form of taxation of income from rental or lease is a lump sum on registered income.

That is, people who do not run a business and rent apartments privately will not be able to settle accounts on the so-called general rules that allow taxation of income – after taking into account in the tax settlement, e.g. the cost of purchasing the apartment (through depreciation write-offs), the cost of a possible loan, the cost of maintaining the property, repairs, etc.

Instead, those who rent apartments as part of a private lease are obliged to tax revenues from private lease at a flat rate on revenues recorded at the rate of 8.5%. on revenue – up to PLN 100,000 of revenue and the rate of 12.5 percent. – surplus over PLN 100,000.

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