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Property tax. Rent a flat. Position of the Ministry of Finance

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Entrepreneurs earning money from renting flats will pay almost 29 times more real estate tax than private renters, according to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. This position is taken by the Ministry of Finance.

In “DGP” he reminds that apartment owners can choose whether they run a private lease (outside business activity) or set up a company and settle rental profits in business activity. “So far, the prevailing view is that in both cases they pay the property tax rate appropriate for flats, i.e. only PLN 1 per 1 sqm,” the newspaper reports.

Earning Entrepreneurs will rent apartments they will pay almost 29 times more real estate tax than people renting privately, i.e. outside of business activity – this is the position of the Ministry of Finance” – writes “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”

What rate of property tax?

According to the newspaper, it is about deciding what rate of property tax should be paid by owners of apartments for rent.

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Ministry of Finance thought it all depends on whether or not are running a business and account for rental profits within the company.

“In this case, the owner will pay the rate appropriate for business, i.e. (maximum) PLN 28.78 per 1 sqm. It does not matter that the premises is used only for residential purposes. The tax will be much lower when the owner conducts private lease, i.e. outside of business activity Then he will pay a preferential rate – PLN 1 per sq m” – we read in “DGP”.

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