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Proposal to pick up the vehicle when drunk and getting behind the wheel. Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Rafał Weber comments

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Rafał Weber, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, spoke about the proposal to take the vehicle away from drunk driving. In his opinion, drunk people who get behind the wheel should have the car picked up, and in a situation where they do not own the car – they should pay a fine commensurate with its value.

Proposal to pick up the vehicle from drunk people getting behind the wheel – deputy minister’s comment

On Tuesday, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Rafał Weber referred to the proposed changes in the law on the RMF FM radio, which are to help in a more effective fight against road pirates. It goes, among others on amendments to the Road Traffic Act, but also on amendments to the Criminal Code. One of the changes under consideration is the possibility of confiscating the vehicle from a person who drove the vehicle while drunk.


As pointed out by the deputy head of MI Rafał Weber, the provision regarding the forfeiture of the vehicle was originally to be included in the amendment to the Road Traffic Law, but it was decided that it would be adopted on the occasion of the amendment to the Criminal Code.

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– It is the court that will have the power to make such a decision. It will probably depend on the state of intoxication (the driver), what effect of the event he committed took place. These regulations will be further developed in the Ministry of Justice – emphasized Weber.

He added that in his opinion, anyone who gets behind the wheel while drunk should have the car taken, and in a situation where he is not the owner of (the vehicle) should pay compensation. – Enough of drunk drivers on Polish roads – he emphasized.

He indicated that on Monday the police detained more than 240 drivers who drove the vehicle while drunk. – If we do not make very radical changes here and if we do not introduce very radical provisions of the law, we will simply not be able to deal with this situation – he said.

Rafał Weber, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, about excessive speed

Weber noted that the amendment to the Road Traffic Law prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure specifies the lowest fines in points, e.g. for offenses caused by drunk drivers or for radical speeding. – When it comes to drunk drivers, it is at least PLN 2.5 thousand, and for exceeding the speed of at least 30 km / h from the speed limit – at least PLN 1.5 thousand – he said.

He added that the issue of the lowest mandate, which today amounts to PLN 50, will be regulated by the regulation of the Prime Minister. – The tariff that says about it is prepared by the minister of internal affairs and administration. I think there will be a correction here, not some significant hike. Social acceptability for more severe punishment of drivers who cardinally violate the road traffic law is, but from the moment of exceeding the speed more than 30 km / h – he stressed.

In his opinion, drivers who drive so fast “pose a great danger, regardless of whether it is a built-up area and this danger applies to unprotected road users, whether it is an undeveloped area and concerns other drivers.” – Someone who drives a vehicle at such high speed is a potential killer, his vehicle is a missile. That is why we want to curb these reprehensible practices. We want to tame those who are cardinally exceeding speed. We want to oust those who get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol and I hope that we will be able to do so with these regulations – he said.

When asked whether the 140 km / h limit on motorways would be lowered as part of the fight against road pirates, he replied that “motorways are roads with the highest parameters, wide, at least two lanes”. – Therefore, in our opinion, the maximum speed, which is 140 km / h, should not be changed – he assessed.

When asked about changes to penalty points, he said that they would be established by regulations. – The most severe – these cardinal traffic offenses – will be punished severely in terms of both the amount of the fine and the penalty points. What is important in our changes is that penalty points will be calculated within two years, i.e. their leveling will take place only after two years and only on the condition that the fine for a given offense is paid – he stressed.

On Wednesday the government adopted a draft amendment to the Road Traffic Law by circulationwhich assumes, inter alia, linking the amount of motor insurance rates with the number of penalty points and the type of offenses committed. Additionally, points will only be canceled two years after the payment of the fine. In the event of traffic offenses, the maximum amount of the fine will increase from PLN 5,000. up to 30 thousand zloty. Up to 5,000 PLN, and in the case of offenses up to 6,000. PLN, the amount of the fine that can be imposed in the ticket proceedings will also increase. The project also provides for the introduction of a pension for the closest people who died in road accidents.


Main photo source: Malopolska Police

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