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Prosecutor Dariusz Korneluk: this is not the end when it comes to applications to lift the immunity of members of parliament

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National prosecutor Dariusz Korneluk announced on Monday that a number of proceedings are underway in which applications may be made to lift the parliamentary immunity of Polish MPs and senators. He added that a date has already been set for bringing charges against former deputy head of the Ministry of Justice Michał Woś.

In the investigation into the expenditure of funds from the Justice Fund, the National Prosecutor’s Office has so far brought charges against 11 people, three of whom were arrested.

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Last week, the Sejm's rules committee voted in favor of lifting the immunity of former deputy head of the Ministry of Justice Marcin Romanowski (PiS), who was charged by the prosecutor's office with 11 charges, including participation in an organized criminal group. The committee is also in favor of granting the Sejm's consent to the detention and temporary arrest of the MP.

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National prosecutor: a decision has been issued in Woś's case

Apart from the motion concerning Romanowski, the prosecutor's office also submitted a motion to the Sejm to lift the immunity of another PiS MPalso to the former deputy head of the Ministry of Justice and politician of Sovereign Poland, Michał Woś, to which the Sejm agreed at the end of June.

– As for Minister Woś, the decision has been issued, and the action has already been planned down to the day and hour. He has been summoned to the prosecutor's office to present charges – Korneluk informed TVP Info. However, he did not reveal the date of this action.

– The practice of the prosecutor's office will no longer be such that as the national prosecutor I will be ahead of the prosecutors' actions. (…) After the action has been carried out, you will be notified – he noted.

National Prosecutor Dariusz KornelukLeszek Szymanski/PAP

Prosecutor Korneluk: the time of political prosecutors is over

The national prosecutor was also asked how many applications to lift the immunity of MPs are still under consideration.

– There are a number of proceedings in which prosecutors are considering such possibilities. I am not able to answer how many proceedings there are precisely, but this is certainly not the end when it comes to applications to lift parliamentary immunity, when it comes to Polish MPs and senators – replied Korneluk.

– There are no sacred cows, I am personally responsible for each proceeding as the one who holds the position of national prosecutor and guarantor to ensure the comfort of work for independent prosecutors – he emphasized. He assured that “the time of political prosecutors is over”.

Main image source: Leszek Szymanski/PAP

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