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Prosecutor Jarosław Onyszczuk won with the prosecutor’s office in court. The first judgment

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Jarosław Onyszczuk won with the prosecutor’s office in court. He is due to receive compensation for his demotion in 2016, which the court found to be discrimination at work. Onyszczuk is one of the people who, after Zbigniew Ziobro took over the prosecutor’s office, became the object of a “mass purge”.

The sentence was handed down on March 21 in the District Court in Warsaw, described by the OKO.press portal. The decision was made by judge Alicja Paplińska, who found that Onyszczuk had been the victim of discrimination at work. The prosecutor’s office is to pay him PLN 45,000 in damages. The verdict is not final and may be appealed by the prosecutor’s office.

As we read in OKO.press, this is the first such judgment in which “the court critically assessed the mass purges carried out at the beginning of 2016 by the Prosecutor General at the top of the prosecutor’s office Zbigniew Ziobro and his people.

The portal reminds that in 2016, shortly after the takeover of power by PiS and changes in the prosecutor’s office, “114 experienced prosecutors with long work experience were demoted (…) and their place was quickly taken by ‘their’ prosecutors, less experienced and from the lowest level of prosecutor’s offices district.

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Jaroslaw OnyszczukTomasz Jastrzebowski/REPORTER

Onyszczuk: There were no substantive grounds for demotion. The court agreed with me

In an interview with OKO.press, prosecutor Onyszczuk said that he “sued the prosecutor’s office to determine the reasons for his degradation.” – There was no substantive basis for it. It was a deliberate decision of the Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro. This was done in order to remove prosecutors deemed too independent, useless to the authorities and not implementing the line of “good change”, he said.

He noted that he did not demand a return to his former place of work in the lawsuit, but compensation. – I just wanted to show that there was no reason to demote me. I still don’t know the reasons for this decision, I can only guess. The court agreed with me, he said.

– I am satisfied with the victory, but independent and decent prosecutors have been removed from the higher-level units. Because we would not succumb to the pressure of political power. It was supposed to be a kind of revenge – added the prosecutor.

Jaroslaw Onuszczuk – who is he?

OKO.press reminds that Onyszczuk, as the deputy head of the appeals prosecutor’s office, supervised, among other things, the investigation into the civil thread the Smolensk disaster. “And with this, he could fall under the current authorities. Because this investigation was discontinued, considering that there are no grounds to prosecute anyone for preparing a visit Lech Kaczyński in Katyn in 2010. PiS politicians would now like to blame the then prime minister for this Donald Tusk” – writes the portal.

Under the supervision of Onyszczuk, there was also an “investigation into irregularities in the CBA’s actions aimed at the alleged villa Aleksander Kwasniewski and his wife in Kazimierz Dolny, substituting Tomek’s agent for the former presidential couple. “For this action, the prosecutor’s office wanted to charge Mariusz Kamiński, the former head of the CBA and vice-president of PiS, but the Sejm did not waive his immunity. With these two cases (Onyszczuk) PiS and Ziobro could be undermined,” OKO.press estimates.

Main photo source: Tomasz Jastrzebowski/REPORTER

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