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Proteins. Fragments of early medieval pottery were found in the wild sand mine

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Years ago, someone illegally extracted sand from there, heavy rainfall also “helped”. In the archaeological site in Białka (Lubelskie Voivodeship) near Krasnystaw, a landslide occurred, in which fragments of a vessel dating back to the 9th-11th century were found.

– We can talk about a lot of luck and chance here – says Paweł Wira, head of the Chełm branch of the Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Lublin.

In the village of Białka near Krasnystaw, there is an excavation where one of the local residents found seven fragments of a clay vessel. Conservation services called to the site stated that they come from the 9th-11th century.

Fragments of a clay vessel have been discovered WUOZ in Lublin

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The artifacts were exposed because part of the excavation slope collapsed

– Artifacts and traces of settlement from this period have been found here before. Therefore, this area has been marked as an archaeological site, where an early medieval settlement existed centuries ago – the manager points out.

He adds that the excavation was created because several years ago someone illegally extracted sand from there.

Perhaps it will be possible to glue the fragments together so as to at least partially recreate the vesselWUOZ in Lublin

“Everything indicates that no one is doing that anymore. However, heavy rainfall “helped” in the discovery of the artifact. The water caused a part of the slope to slide down and fragments of pottery were exposed. They will be on display at the Regional Museum in Krasnystaw. Perhaps it will be possible to glue the fragments together so as to at least partially recreate the vessel, emphasizes Wira.

There are also burial mounds nearby

Interestingly, next to the excavation there are also barrow cemeteries, the closest of which comes from the same period as the covered fragments of the vessel, i.e. from the 9th-11th century.

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– However, artifacts from the times of the Corded Ware culture dating back to the 3rd millennium BC were found a little further – our interlocutor points out.

Artifacts will be on display in the museum WUOZ in Lublin

Main photo source: WUOZ in Lublin

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