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Protest of people with disabilities in front of the Presidential Palace

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People with disabilities organized a protest in front of the Presidential Palace on Saturday. They demand that work on the Act on Assistance be accelerated, and within its provisions, they want, among other things, increased access to assistants for people with disabilities. This is their fifth protest in front of the seat of the head of state.

“Personal assistance is the most important service that supports people with disabilities. Personal assistance is necessary so that people with disabilities can live independently like other citizens. It is also necessary for people supporting them to finally breathe, have a choice and stop being slaves of the system” – the organizers write in their “Decalogue of personal assistance”.

The protesters demand that this issue be regulated by law as soon as possible and that the protesters be included in the work on the project, which, as the organizers point out, has been underway in the President’s Chancellery for a year and a half. They also present specific demands that, in their opinion, should be included in the act. They concern, among others, increasing their impact on the entire process and the issue of funding and availability of assistants.

Protest of people with disabilities in front of the Presidential Palace TVN24

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– Today’s protest is especially dedicated to personal assistance. To make this service available throughout Poland, from next year, throughout the year. Now it is so that personal assistance is sometimes only available and from a big bell – said the organizer of the protest, Karolina Kosecka.

She added that on Friday the protesters met with representatives of the Chancellery of the President. However, they did not see the bill, but only its general assumptions. She pointed to the three main shortcomings of the proposals presented – the lack of inclusion of children with disabilities in the project, the lack of medical activities as one of the possible activities of assistants and the introduction of a two-stage process of regulating the assistance, when, as the organizer noted, the changes “must be implemented now”.

The current law “does not guarantee systemic support”

One of the protesters, Łukasz, pointed out that the current law “does not guarantee systemic support” to people with disabilities. – At the moment, we only have project support, when there are breaks in access to personal assistance for several months. What should a person with a disability do then? hibernate? Fall into hibernation? – added. He also pointed out that at the moment there are no consultations on the draft act with the environment of people with disabilities.

– We would like to remind you that adults with autism and multiple disabilities who require special support are completely ignored in our legal system. We as parents are getting older, our children are getting older with us, my son Antoni is 38 years old. Despite the fact that I have been working for people with autism for many years, he still does not have a secure future – said Małgorzata Rybicka, president of the Autistic People’s Support Association, mother of autistic Antoni.

Main photo source: TVN24

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