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Protests in Belarus. Coordination Council against the formation of armed groups in Russia for use in Belarus

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It is unacceptable to create forces in Russia to use them on Belarusian territory, the opposition Belarus Coordinating Council said on Thursday, referring to the announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin to establish a “reserve” to be used at the request of the Belarusian president. The opposition emphasized that the internal crisis should be solved by peaceful means without outside interference.

“The Coordination Council considers it unacceptable to form armed groups in the territory of the Russian Federation or another state for their use on the territory of Belarus: it is contrary to international law and the opinion of Belarusian society is unanimous,” the Council wrote in a statement.

The Council regretted that, at the request of the incumbent president of Belarus, who should be the guarantor of the constitution, in Russia, a force consisting of law enforcement officials has been created for this purpose. The statement emphasized that problems related to the internal crisis in Belarus should be solved only within the constitutional framework and by peaceful means, without outside interference.


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Protests in BelarusTATYANA ZENKOVICH / PAP / EPA

“We ask all foreign partners to refrain from making claims about representing the interests of the Belarusian society, providing assistance to the Coordination Council, etc.” the Council wrote, adding that it would not accept any foreign aid or participate in its distribution. It was a reaction to the European Union’s proposal that the Council should participate in the allocation of EUR 53 million to support non-governmental organizations, repressed people and citizens of Belarus.

Protests in BelarusPAP / EPA

The Russian reserve is on standby

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that a reserve of law enforcement officials had been formed in his country, which, if necessary, could be sent to Belarus. As he added, it happened at the request of the President of Belarus, Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

Protests are ongoing in BelarusPAP / EPA / TATYANA ZENKOVICH

– However, we also agreed that this reserve will not be used until the situation gets out of control and until extremist elements, using political slogans, go beyond certain limits and start robbery: burning cars, houses, banks, the seizure of administrative buildings and so on, said the Russian president.

He explained that during a conversation with Lukashenka, they both concluded that there was no need to send these forces at the moment. “I hope it won’t be there and we won’t use this reserve for that reason,” he added.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA


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