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Protests in France. The police attack even the firefighters? We check

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“The police attack the fire brigade”, “the culmination of yesterday’s protests in the Third Republic” – this is how Internet users comment on the recording circulating on the web, which shows a clash of policemen and firemen on the streets of Paris. While the film is real, it has nothing to do with current events on the streets of France.

After French President Emmanuel Macron and his government started reform raising the retirement age from 62 to 64, there are protests and strikes all over France. Both students and public transport workers, teachers, refinery workers and teachers take part in them. Due to blockades of fuel warehouses and strikes by trade unionists, there is a shortage of gasoline in about 40 percent. stations in the Paris region, the daily reported on April 4Le Figaro“.

Internet users: “Protests in France are starting to look like a civil war”

On Tuesday, March 28, 93,000 protesters were expected to take to the streets of Paris. people, and in the whole country over 700 thousand. – he informed March 31 Maciej Warsiński in TVN24’s “Polska i Świat” magazine. Recordings of events on the streets appeared on social media – including acts of vandalism or clashes between protesters and the police. On March 29, a 25-second video circulated on Twitter and Facebook, showing about ten police officers attacking firefighters with batons. A brutal clash ensues, with firecrackers roaring in the background.

“The police are attacking the fire brigade. Such a scene took place in France, where, as you can see, firefighters are on the side of working people rather than the state and its violence,” one Twitter user commented on the recording on March 29 (original spelling of posts). He collected over 300 likes, and the video on his profile was viewed nearly 30,000 times. times.

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Comments from netizens who think the video is about current eventsFacebook/Twitter

Other Twitter users, retweeting the video, fueled the message. “France….Firefighters against police thugs”; “Police Attack Firemen”; “The protests in France are beginning to resemble a civil war, tensions escalating to a very high level,” they wrote. We also found copies of the recording on Facebook. Interestingly, several profiles provided a video with the same comment: “French firefighters beat policemen. The culmination of yesterday’s protests in the Third Republic.”

A video from three years ago

At the same time, the video was distributed on profiles run in English, German and Russian. “Amazing scenes from #France where the #police attacks #firefighters,” wrote the author of the English-language tweetwhich has been viewed nearly 300,000 times. times and collected 4.4 thousand. likes.

However, some Internet users warned that the recording did not show current events. They wrote that the movie is from 2020. After entering one of the frames from this footage into online image search engines, we found a longer version of about two minutes and articles press describing this event. Indeed, video for the first time published January 28, 2020 on Twitter on the profile of Hors-Zone Press, which is a company that describes itself as a news agency. The video also appeared on her YouTube channel.

The film was first published in 2020 by the Hors-Zone-Press agency Twitter

According to the Reuters report from January 28, 2020 French police clashed with firefighterswho protested in Paris against working conditions and demanded wage increases. Firefighters wanted an increase in the risk premium, which had not changed since 1990. Since December 2019, French trade unions have been mobilizing over plans to reform the retirement age, but these plans have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Author:Krzysztof Jablonowski

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Twitter

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