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Protests in Georgia continue. Students formed a “living chain”. Activist Nata Peradze fled for fear of arrest

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Students of Georgian universities formed “Living Chain for Victory” in many cities on Sunday in protest against the Foreign Agents Act. According to Georgian media, dozens of people were summoned by the police for questioning. Opposition activists announced that due to the accusation of a coup and planned arrest, activist Nata Peradze, who opposes the new law, had to leave Georgia. In response, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze stated that the opposition was aiming to “Ukrainize Georgia.”

On Sunday, students from Georgian universities took part in the “Living Chain for Victory” campaign, during which they expressed their opposition to the law on foreign agents – reports the Echo Kawkaza portal.

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The demonstration took place at European Square in Tbilisi. Students joined hands and circled the square, forming a living chain.

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Dozens of people were summoned for questioning in connection with the protests

Civil.ge portal. informs that due to the wave of protests, dozens of people in Georgia were summoned for questioning by the criminal police. The summonses are issued by the “particularly important affairs department of the main directorate for the fight against organized crime.”

Some subpoenas contain only a case number and no information regarding the charges or the subject of the investigation. Others point to specific articles of the Penal Code concerning the occupation or blocking of a broadcasting facility or other facility of particular importance, the organization and participation in collective acts of violence, the organization of a collective action disturbing public order or active participation in such an action. The Code provides for imprisonment for these actions. Defenders human rights They believe that these calls are intended to intimidate Protestants. They remind us that people summoned for questioning are not legally obliged to appear at the police. They recommend requesting a hearing in court, where the charge must be officially presented and the status of the summoned person must be specified. The presence of a lawyer is also mandatory.

Protests against the “Russian” law

The protesters announced that demonstrations will continue until the government hears their voices.

Protests in Georgia after the adoption of the “Russian law”Reuters

The law on foreign agents, called “Russian”, has been the cause of mass protests in Georgia for over a month. According to its critics, it will enable the authorities to destroy civil society and slide into Russian-style authoritarianism. In practice, they believe it will mean a return to the Russian sphere of influence, because it is already clear that the adoption of the law is causing an unprecedented crisis in relations with the West. The Georgian authorities argue that they only care about “transparency and defense of sovereignty.” They call critics of their actions the Global War Party and accuse “external forces” of organizing the protest.

The new law provides that legal entities and media receiving more than 20 percent budget from abroad will be subject to registration and reporting and will be obliged to register in the register of agents of foreign influence.

The president vetoes the bill, the prime minister accuses the opposition of “Ukrainization” of the country

On Saturday President Salome Zourabishvili vetoed the controversial bill. However, the ruling party has enough votes to override the presidential veto.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobachidze said that the president's decision “closes the field for a healthy discussion.”

The head of government also accused the opposition of striving for the “Ukrainization of Georgia.” – Against the background of the ongoing… Ukraine wars, politicians and officials get richer, and corruption flourishes. Electionspolitical pluralism, media freedom, everything related to the will of democracy is abolished (in Ukraine) – he said and assessed that “the opposition representatives want the same thing”.

The speaker of the Georgian parliament, Shalva Papuashvili, told reporters on Monday that the chamber would reject the presidential veto “during the next session week.” Zurabishvili, sending the vetoed bill back to parliament, emphasized that it was unconstitutional, its improvement was not possible, and proposed that the law be in force for only one day from the time it entered into force. Papuashvili called the head of state's veto a “mockery,” reports Apsny.ge.

Georgia, Tbilisi (13/05/2024)DAVID MDZINARISHVILI/EPA

The activist fled Georgia for fear of arrest

As Apsny.ge reported on Sunday, Georgian activist Nata Peradze had to leave Georgia with her family because she was at risk of being detained on charges related to the coup. Peradze, known for throwing paint on an icon with the image of Joseph Stalin and the Matrona of Moscow, an Orthodox saint, on January 9, actively opposes the so-called Act on Foreign Agents.

“I learned that Nata Peradze had to leave the country with her family because they planned to arrest her on charges of coup d'état. Friends, this is nothing different than what is happening in Belarus! Friends, Putin's dictatorship in Russia began no differently ! Friends, people are losing their homeland in this way: first, individuals, and then all patriots must leave the country,” emphasized the founder of the opposition Mtvari TV, Nika Gwaramia.

The Kavkazskiy Uziel website reports that on May 10, a woman published a surveillance video showing several men putting up posters on the fence of her house. Her car had “enemy of the nation” written on it. The activist tried unsuccessfully to call the police for several hours. The activist also informed about threats made against her over the phone.

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