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Protests in Georgia. The Prime Minister accuses the opposition. “You want a second front”

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“During the government meeting, Kobachidze was critical of Saturday's the president vetoed and accused the opposition of avoiding talks” – reported the Civil.ge portal. The head of government in Tbilisi also said that the invitation to diplomats accredited in Georgia to participate in public discussions allegedly remained unanswered.

The Prime Minister of Georgia accuses the opposition: You want to “Ukrainize” the country

Kobachidze accused the opposition of seeking “Ukrainization” of the country i “opening a second front in Georgia.” – Against the background of the ongoing war in Ukraine, politicians and officials are getting richer, and corruption is flourishing. Elections, political pluralism, media freedom, everything related to the will of democracy are abolished, he declared.

He also said that “the opposition representatives want the same thing.” – I want to remind everyone again what this means share the fate of Ukraine and what is the current situation in Ukraine – he said.

He recalled that as a result of hostilities, tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians lost their lives there. He also pointed out that the Ukrainian economy and infrastructure are in ruins and assured that Georgia will certainly “maintain peace as a necessary condition for progress and development.”

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Georgia Foreign Agents Act. Parliament will most likely override the veto

Speaker of the Georgian Parliament Szalwa Papuaszwili on Monday told reporters that “during the next session week” the chamber will reject the presidential veto. Zurabishvili, sending the vetoed bill back to parliament, emphasized that it was unconstitutionaland its improvement is not possible.

The head of state proposed that the act be valid for only one day from the time it enters into force. Papuashvili called her veto a “mockery,” reports Apsny.ge.

For over a month Massive protests are underway in Georgia against the Foreign Agents Act. According to critics, the so-called The Russian law will enable the authorities destruction of civil society and rolling in Russian-style authoritarianism.

On Saturday the president vetoed the controversial bill. However, the ruling party has enough votes to override the presidential veto. Further demonstrations against the bill are planned for Monday.

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