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Protests in Peru. 360 policemen were injured in clashes with supporters of former President Pedro Castillo

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360 police officers were injured in riots in Peru by supporters of the impeached President Pedro Castillo, according to published data from the security services. A state of emergency is in effect throughout the country.

As announced on Friday by the head of anti-terrorist police departments, Jorge Angulo, among the 360 ​​injured officers there are both people with gunshot wounds and those with damage to health resulting from being hit with stones or pyrotechnic materials.

Angulo argued that the security services maintained a “passive attitude towards the demonstrators” who had been demonstrating on the streets of the country’s largest cities for several weeks. He said supporters Pedro Castillo they turned peaceful protests into riots and an attempt to take over key transportation hubs to bring Peru to a communications paralysis.

He asserted that the police use guns as a last resort to protect citizens and public order.

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Protest in LimaPAP/EPA/Renato Pajuelo

Protest in LimaPAP/EPA/Renato Pajuelo

According to information from the Peruvian ombudsman Eliana Revollar, many demonstrators use “homemade warfare agents” during the riots.

According to the estimates of the Peruvian services, 48 ​​people have been killed since December in the riots instigated by supporters of the former left-wing president, including both demonstrators and law enforcement officers.

Police officers at the site of a protest on the highway connecting Peru with Chile, near the city of Tacna in the AndesPAP/EPA/RAFAEL ARANCIBIA

Participants in the protests, which have been going on since December, are demanding the release of the former president, his reinstatement in office and the organization of early parliamentary elections in the country in 2023.

Valid in Peru state of emergency introduced in connection with the riots. They broke out shortly after Castillo was arrested on December 7. After the dismissal of the left-wing politician, the current vice-president was appointed to the highest office in the country Dina Boluarte.


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