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Pruszcz Gdanski. The boys waved at the firefighters. A man was lying on the sidewalk next to them

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Two boys from Pruszcz Gdański (Pomerania) stopped passing volunteer firefighters. Earlier, they noticed that one of the passers-by suddenly fell over. This is an attitude worth emulating. They are little heroes for us.

Rescuers from the Volunteer Fire Department in Cedry Wielkie on Sunday, April 16, after On the 18th they passed through Pruszcz Gdański. They were returning from the District Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Pruszcz Gdański.

When they were passing through Chopin Street, they saw two – waving to them – boys – Eryk and Szymon. – Initially, we thought that they were some amateur firefighters, because it is known that every child wants to see a fire truck, but their movements were nervous – says Przemysław Paluch from the Cedry Wielkie Volunteer Fire Brigade.

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The boys stopped the firefighters and they helped the manTSO Cedry Wielkie

They wanted the firefighters to stop

The children clearly wanted the rescuers to stop. After a while it was clear why – an unconscious man was lying on the pavement nearby.

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Firefighters alerted the dispatcher. It turned out that the boys had already called the emergency number in the meantime. Firefighters checked the victim’s vital signs and checked for any visible injuries. After a while, the man was handed over to the ambulance crew in good condition.

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Firefighters praise the behavior of the boys. – We would like to congratulate Eryk and Szymon. They were the only ones who decided to help the injured person. They did not pass by indifferently seeing human suffering. This is an attitude worth imitating. They are little heroes for us.

As we managed to find out, the eldership is already thinking about rewarding Eryk and Szymon.

Main photo source: TSO Cedry Wielkie

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