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Pruszcz Gdanski. They raided the house and robbed the family. The policemen entered their apartments at dawn and detained them

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Police officers from Pomerania detained two men who broke into one of the houses in the Gdańsk poviat, beat and robbed its inhabitants. One of the detainees is also suspected of breaking into a jeweler in 2015.

Officers from Pomerania have been working on the case since February 22, when “ruthless criminals broke into a single-family house in the Gdańsk district, beat, overpowered, bound the household with plastic handcuffs, threatened them with weapons,” the spokesman for the Provincial Police Headquarters said on Monday. in Gdańsk subcomm. Karina Kaminska.

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The perpetrators ransacked the house and stole money in various currencies, jewelry, watches with a total value of over PLN 197,000. zlotys. Officers identified two men who may have been involved in the crime.

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They entered the apartments at dawn

subcomm. Kamińska emphasized that the men suspected of the attack were detained on March 8 this year. “Criminal and investigators, with the participation of policemen from Pruszcz Gdański and from the Independent Counter-Terrorist Subdivision of the Police in Gdańsk, entered the suspects’ apartments at dawn” – reported subcommander. Kaminska.

She added that the police had secured their potential escape routes. “The surprised men did not put up any resistance and were immediately detained. Then the criminals searched their apartments, where they secured items that may be related to the case” – she pointed out.

Suspects of the brutal attack were detained by the policePomeranian Police

Family assault and theft. The suspects have been charged

The detained men were led to a room for detained persons, and then to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Pruszcz Gdański. There they were accused of robbery with a dangerous weapon, which is punishable by up to 12 years in prison.

Suspects of the brutal attack were detained by the policePomeranian Police

By decision of the court, the 43-year-old will spend the next three months in custody, as requested by the prosecutor’s office and the investigator. The other man, a 49-year-old man, was placed under surveillance. In addition, thanks to the work of investigators and police officers from the police forensic laboratory, the 43-year-old was charged with burglary at the jeweler in 2015 in Gdańsk.

He was about to steal jewelry of considerable value

subcomm. Kamińska reported that the man is suspected of breaking into a jeweler located in the shopping mall and then stole jewelry worth PLN 170,000. zloty. “The solution of the case was possible thanks to the forensic traces secured at the crime scene by the police technicians at that time. Comparing them with the traces secured for the robbery case, it was possible to determine that the 43-year-old was arrested by the criminals for the connection with the burglary of the jeweler” – she said.

Police do not rule out further arrests.

Main photo source: Pomeranian Police

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