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Pruszkow. A corpse was found in Ponds Pęcickie

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In Ponds Pęcickie, near the hospital in Tworki, a body was found floating. They were noticed by passers-by walking nearby. The fire department confirmed the incident. In turn, the deputy director for the treatment of the Mazowiecki Specialist Health Center added that the deceased was not a patient of the hospital.

Our reporter, Artur Węgrzynowicz, found out about the corpse in Ponds Pęcickie, located near the psychiatric hospital in Tworki. We also received such information on Kontakt 24. Węgrzynowicz went to the place. As he noted, this place is open to the public, you can walk around. – Passers-by noticed the body of a man floating in the water near the shore. The following services were called: fire brigade, ambulance and police – reported the tvnwarszawa.pl reporter.

Junior Brigadier Karol Kroć, press officer of the KP PSP Pruszków, confirmed that a corpse was found in the pond. – Police officers are on site, they will probably work under the supervision of the prosecutor. I have no information on the identity of the deceased person. One fire engine was sent to the site to secure the area. We received the signal about the incident around 14:20, a press officer told the editors of Kontakt 24.

The ponds are open to the public

Rafał Wójcik, deputy director for treatment of the Mazowiecki Specialist Health Center named after prof. Jan Mazurkiewicz, said that this case does not directly concern the hospital. – The ponds are open to the public, you can walk to them, there is no fence there. I learned that the deceased was probably a foreigner. He was not a hospital patient – ​​he emphasized in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl.

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tvnwarszawa.pl, Contact 24

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

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