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Friday, December 3, 2021

Pruszków, Kalisz. Tossed waste containers

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Over 30 containers with chemical waste were found in Pruszków near Kalisz (Greater Poland Voivodeship). This is the sixth such find in recent days. It is not yet known who is responsible for the abandonment of waste. The case is being investigated by the police.

On Sunday, four fire brigades intervened in Pruszków near Kalisz (Greater Poland Voivodeship). The reason: abandoned chemical containers.


– We received the report from the police. When the firefighters arrived, they confirmed that there were barrels of varnish and solvents on the private property – near the pond. We used detectors and meters to check if there could be any leaks. Fortunately, the containers are tight. Our activities are over. We handed over the site to the owner, who was ordered to clean up these substances, said the younger captain Szymon Zieliński, spokesman for the Kalisz fire brigade.

According to firefighters, 15 tanks with a capacity of 30 liters were found in Pruszków, eight with a capacity of 20 liters and eight with a capacity of 10 liters. This is not the first such situation, but the sixth. Until now, the solvent containers have been found in Kalisz and Warszówka.

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The police are dealing with the matter, and the Kalisz magistrate has started looking for waste collection on its own, which will then be utilized. According to the portal kalisz24.info, so far someone has planted over 230 containers of chemicals.

So far, the largest number of canisters has been found on the Bernardine Wall by the riverkalisz24.info

Main photo source: kalisz24.info

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